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ANT 101 Introduction to Anthropology (3)

This course introduces the student to the study of human cultures, past and present. It offers a comprehensive introduction to anthropology, emphasizing the concepts and methods of the major sub-fields, i.e., cultural, biological, archaeology, and linguistics.

ANT 130 Introduction to Comparative Religion (3)

Comparative study of major world and selected regional religions with emphasis on analysis of belief, ritual, artistic expression and social organization. Eastern and Western religions are considered. (Same as RS 130.)

ANT 160 Cultural Diversity in the Modern World (3)

Directed at non-majors, this course is intended to introduce the student to the diversity of human cultural experience in the contemporary world. Goals of the course include gaining an appreciation for the common humanity and uniqueness of all cultures; to gain a sensitivity toward stereotypes and ethnocentrism, and to understand the distinctions between “race,” ethnicity and racism. The course features extended descriptions of the cultural dynamics of the culture(s) with which the instructor has worked.

ANT 220 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)

The study of the lifeways and beliefs of different peoples. The objectives of the course are to foster an appreciation for the variety of cultural traditions found throughout the world, and to introduce students to anthropological concepts and methods of inquiry.

ANT 221 Native People of North America (3)

A survey of the aboriginal Indian cultures of North America, and of the impact of four centuries of British, French, Spanish, and Russian contact on the Indian communities. The course will include consideration of the status of Indians in present-day North America.

ANT 223 Culture Change and Globalization (3)

Introduces the historical development of anthropology, its role in colonialism and globalization, and types of cultural change processes. Includes discussions of how human societies have struggled for political and economic identity in a post-colonial world and for cultural survival and self-determination.

ANT 235 Food and Culture (3)

Examines the way values and behaviors related to food production and consumption are shaped by the physical and cultural environment. Draws data from non-Western and Western cultures. Discusses implications of cultural factors for contemporary issues in nutrition.

ANT 240 Introduction to Archaeology (3)

Introduces the theories, techniques, and strategies used by archaeologists to recover and interpret information about past cultures.

ANT 241 Origins of Old World Civilization (3)

A survey of cultural developments in the Old World from the earliest times to the beginning stages of civilization.

ANT 242 Origins of New World Civilization (3)

Survey of the origin and growth of ancient peoples of the Americas as revealed by archaeological data.