Part 2 - Directional Terminology | BCTC

Part 2: Directional Terminology

Click the button below to show the directional terminology key to the letters on the muscle man.
Note that the letter "D" (on the back) and "F" (side of left leg) are not visible.

A is ________ to B

B is ________ to A

B is ________ to D

D is ________ to C

E is ________ to F

F is ________ to E

F & G are ________

J & A are ________

G is ________ to H

G is ________ to H & K

H is ________ to G

A is Superior to B
B is Inferior to A
B is Anterior to D
D is Posterior to C
E is Medial to F
F is Lateral to E
F & G are Ipsilateral (On the same side)
J & A are Contralateral (On the opposite side)
G is Proximal to H
G is Intermediate to H & K
H is Distal to G