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Part 5: Organs and Organ Systems

Identify the visible organs on the torso model and selected organ systems below, then check your answers using the drop down key located below each image.

Organs of the Torso:

A. Larynx G. Small Intestine
B. Lung H. Large Intestine
C. Heart I. Kidney
D. Liver J. Adrenal Gland
E. Stomach K. Urinary Bladder
F. Pancreas

Integumentary System:

A. Epidermis
B. Dermis
C. Hypodermis
D. Hair
E. Sebaceous Gland
F. Sweat Gland

Endocrine System:

1. Pituitary Gland 13. Pancreas
5. Thyroid Gland 16. Testis
8. Parathyroid Gland 20. Ovary
9. Adrenal Gland

Pineal and Pituitary Glands:

Thymus Gland:

Urinary System:

12. Kidney
24. Ureter
37. Urinary Bladder

Male Reproductive System:

1. Penis 52. Testis
3. Scrotum 53. Epididymis
38. Seminal Vesicle Not Shown. Vas Deferens or Ductus Deferens
40. Prostate Gland

Female Reproductive System:

20. Fallopian / Uterine Tubes or Oviducts
21. Ovary
22. Uterus
29. Vagina

Respiratory System:

A. Larynx
B. Trachea
C,D. Lungs
Not Shown. Bronchi

Digestive System:

1. Teeth 12. Liver
6. Esophagus 13. Small Intestine
7. Stomach 15a. Ascending Colon of Large Intestine
9. Pancreas 15b. Transverse Colon of Large Intestine
11. Gallbladder 15c. Descending Colon of Large Intestine

Skeletal System:


A. Bone - Femur, Tibia, Fibula
B. Ligament - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
C. Cartilage - 6 and 7

Muscular System:


A. Muscle - (Red)
B. Tendon - (Gray/White)

Cardiovascular System Model:

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Nervous System:

Lymphatic System:

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