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Part 1: The Mitosis Models

The following models of mitosis are not in sequence. Indicate the correct sequence (from Interphase to Interphase) by numbering them from 1 (for the first model in the sequence) to 8. Identify the stage of mitosis represented by each model.

You should also be able to identify the following structures on the models: Cytoplasm, Nucleus, Nucleolus, Chromosomes, Centrosomes (Centrioles), Mitotic Spindle (Spindle Fibers), Cleavage Furrow.


Sequence Number

Name of Stage

MitosisModel1 ___ ____________________________
MitosisModel2 ___ ____________________________
MitosisModel3 ___ ____________________________
MitosisModel4 ___ ____________________________
MitosisModel5 ___ ____________________________
MitosisModel6 ___ ____________________________
MitosisModel7 ___ ____________________________
MitosisModel8 ___ ____________________________


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