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Part 3: The Spinal Cord

Identify the numbered features of the spinal cord/vertebrae model, then check your answers against the key.

9. Dura Mater 25. Anterior Median Fissure
10. Epidural Space 28. Posterior Median Sulcus
11. Subdural Space 30. Anterior Funiculus
12. Arachnoid Mater 31. Lateral Funiculus
13. Subarachnoid Space 32. Posterior Funiculus
24. Pia Mater 35. Central Canal

Identify the numbered features of the spinal cord model. You will be responsible for most of these features on the slide of a spinal cord cross section as well. Check your answers against the key. Hint: to distinguish the posterior from anterior side of the spinal cord, note that only the posterior horns of the gray matter extend to the edge of the spinal cord.

1. Posterior Funiculus 9. Central Canal
2. Lateral Funiculus 10. Posterior Median Sulcus
3. Anterior Funiculus 14. Anterior Median Fissure
5. Posterior Horn * 23. Dorsal Root
6. Lateral Horn * 24. Dorsal Root Ganglion
7. Anterior Horn * 25. Ventral Root
8. Gray commissure * 26. Spinal Nerve

Identify the gross features listed in Lab Exercise 9 for the spinal cord model. Check your answers against the labeled view.

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