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Part 6 - The Cranial Nerves

Using the brain stem models, practice identifying the cranial nerves listed in Lab Exercise 9, and then check your answers using the labeled images.


  • You should expect to see both the new and old-style models on the exam, so be familiar with both.
  • You need to know both the Roman numeral (1-XII) and the name of each cranial nerve.
  • You need to know the functions of each cranial nerve. Fortunately, the names of most of these give a hint as to their function (e.g. olfactory nerve = sense of smell).
  • You need to know the functional classification of each cranial nerve as a sensory, motor or mixed (both sensory and motor) nerve. (Note that motor nerves do carry proprioceptive sensory fibers, but do not carry any other kinds of sensory information.)
  • It is probably best to start with the numbers, as you can more-or-less count down the brainstem (just watch for where the sequence jumps around).
  • When counting, it is important to remember to start with II, since the first cranial nerve (Olfactory) is not present on the brain stem!
  • It is probably easiest to memorize the names of the cranial nerves and classification in sequence. Use of a mnemonic will help you learn these.
  • As with all of the pages on this site, it is best to practice using the unlabeled photos, and use the labeled photos to check your answers.

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