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Virtual Lab 1

Gallery of Select Bacterial Media

Medium: Blood Agar Plate (BAP)

  • a type of enrichment medium
  • Sample: "fresh" throat swab (represents properly collected/stored sample)
  • Macroscopy:
    • Ample growth (3+ score) - higher amount of growth as compared to the old, "dry" swab sample
    • Notice the presence of several colony morphologies/types of hemolysis: 

lab 1 - BAP Fresh

  1. alpha hemolysis = incomplete lysis of red blood cells, indicated by
    greenish area around colonies
  2. gamma hemolysis = no lysis of red blood cells

Note: This plate is a good example of the four quadrant streak plate technique

BAP - Dried Throat Swab

lab 1 - BAP Dried

BAP - Fresh Throat Swab

lab 1 - BAP Fresh

EMB Plate

lab 1 - EMB Plate

MAC Plate

lab 1 - MAC Plate

MSA Plate

lab 1 - MSA Plate

TSA Plate

lab 1 - TSA Plate