Facilities | BCTC


The Biotechnology Program conducts classes at the Cooper and Newtown campuses although are main lab is located at the Cooper campus (470 Cooper Drive, Lexington, KY 40506).

All Biotechnology courses with a lab component are taught at the Cooper campus in Oswald Building 331 (Immunology is taught in the Microbiology lab, OB 244). BTN101 is currently the only Biotechnology course being offered at the Newtown campus.

Facility instrumentation includes (this list is not exhaustive): Illumina MiSeq, Agilent Bioanalyzer, Optima Max XP Ultra centrifuge, Agilent GCMS, two class II biological safety hoods, chemical fume hood, standard and shaking incubators, thermocycler, two autoclaves, UV/vis spectrophotometers, numerous electrophoresis and blotting systems for protein and DNA/RNA applications, 3-L Cell Bioreactor, 2-16K microcentrifuges, an ST40R Sorvall centrifuge, minus 80 C freezer, 4 Nikon Eclipse TS-100 inverted microscopes, 4 Nikon Intensilight Illuminators, CO2 incubator, Biorad Chemidoc imaging system and Gel Doc XR+ system. A controlled environmental growth room for plants with a light bank has also been established.