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Program Description

The Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) program at the Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Leestown Campus offers an Associate in Applied Science in CADD and various Certificates to successful candidates. Our program of study concentrates on the skills required to transform the specifications and instructions of designers or engineers into complete and precise drawings using hand drawings, Computer Aided Drafting, and Parametric design.

Used in fields such as architecture, electronics, aerospace, naval, automotive engineering, and manufacturing, CADD has become an essential skill for drafting and design professionals. To meet the demand for CADD training, we have maintained our labs with software and hardware updates to the current standards and have on-going training for instructors who need to constantly upgrade their own knowledge bases.

The focus of the computer-aided drafting and design program consists of CADD courses with a heavy emphasis on lab work giving you hands-on experience incorporating both individual and team based projects using the current release of AutoCAD (both 2D and 3D) and parametric design using Autodesk Inventor, ProE Wildfire, and/or SolidWorks software, which are all are used by many manufacturing firms in Kentucky and all over the world. Classes are also offered in Civil 3D, Revit, and AutoCAD Architecture which are used in many architectural and civil engineering firms.

Upon completion of the CADD program, students are prepared for entry-level positions as CADD technicians. Graduates of the program have been successfully placed in areas of Machine Tool, Computerized Manufacturing & Machining, Architectural, and Civil disciplines and many have advanced to project management positions.

Individuals planning careers in drafting should take courses in mathematics, science, computer technology, design, and computer graphics. Mechanical ability and visual aptitude are important. Prospective drafters should be able to draw well and perform detailed work accurately and neatly. Artistic ability is helpful in some specialized fields, as is knowledge of manufacturing and construction methods. In addition, prospective drafters should have good interpersonal skills because they work closely with engineers, surveyors, architects, and other professionals and, sometimes, with customers.

BCTC currently has a 2+2 transfer agreement with Eastern Kentucky University that allows the student two years of credit toward a Bachelor's Degree in Manufacturing Technology at half of the normal in-state tuition if they complete the CADD Associates degree.

Perspective students should contact the instructors at the following numbers or by email for information on the CADD program.

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Mike Franklin (859) 246-6771

Sample Schedule

Students should contact CADD advisors for Computer Aided Drafting course scheduling and prerequisite information. 

Course Number Course Title Credits
DFT 102  Drafting Fundamentals 4
DFT 112 Engineering Graphics 4
MT 115 or MT125 or
Mathematics Electives 3


Course Number Course Title Credits
DFT 122  Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting 4
DFT 130 Descriptive Geometry 4
DFT 240 Advanced Dimensioning and Measurement


Course Number Course Title Credits
DFT 152 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting 4
DFT 252 Parametric Modeling 4
DFT 212 Industrial Drafting Processes 4
ADFT 130 Introduction to Architecture 4
Course Number Course Title Credits
DFT 222 Mechanical Design  4
DFT 292 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting 4
DFT 293 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting Electives 4
Science 3
Social Ineraction 3
English 101
Heritage / Humanities /
Foreign Language
Oral Communications
Computer Literacy 3