2005 | BCTC

Class of 2005

Class Officers:

President: Jenny Rettberg
Vice President: Lynn Brinegar
Secretary: Abby Coppage
Treasurer: Tara Stinnett
Historian: Sally Issac

Letter from the President:

Top Twenty Class of 2005,

We are on the home stretch! We have only 3 weeks until our board exams and only 9 weeks until we finally graduate. I have to say that I will miss everyone so much and I wish everyone the best of luck as we near the end of our educational panic, I MEAN passage. haha As we approach that great day of May 8th 2005 at 7:30 pm EST (but hey, who's counting,) I have to say that I have mixed emotions. It will be so exciting to be done with boards, done with classes, clinic, quality points, and stress.... but it will be so weird not seeing the same 19 girls everyday. The drama, I'm sure, will be less but there will a void in my heart. Without hearing Lynn's witty comments or Cammie cracking up from across the room will be so weird. The quote page will no longer exist, the roaming yorkie will be immobilized and the spirit fingers will be still and lifeless. So as we all walk across that stage and shake Dr. Chiswell's hand, I hope that everyone feels the same way I do. Class of 2005... its so bittersweet

I love you Top Twenty and will miss you all dearly...



  • Lori B. Ballard
  • Kelli Bauer
  • Lynn Brinegar
  • Cammie Comley
  • Abby Coppage
  • Amber Evans
  • Nancy Goins
  • Shelly Hatfield
  • Deborah Hudson
  • Sally Issac
  • Sarah Jenkins
  • Latosha Johnson
  • Leslie Netherly
  • Shiloh Newell
  • Jenny Rettberg
  • Fairreia Sabounchi
  • Tara Stinnett
  • Leighanna Swartz
  • Ami Stokely
  • Kristen Wilder