Upper Tier Writing Requirements | BCTC

Upper Tier Writing Requirements Fall 2007

The following Fall 2007 classes may be used to fulfill the University of Kentucky's Upper Tier Writing requirement:

  • 32024 ENG 203 J003 Business Writing (Womack)
  • 32025 ENG 203 J004 Business Writing (Womack)
  • 35454 ENG 203 J151 Business Writing (Womack)
  • 32026 ENG 203 J005 Business Writing (Hamlin)
  • 32034 ENG 230 J002 Intro to Literature: Poets, Philosophers, Politicians and Preachers (Goode)
  • 32040 ENG 231 J003 Literature & Genre: Mystery (Hicks)
  • 32038 ENG 231 J001 Literature & Genre: Literary Non-Fiction (Mayer)

Students who wish to fulfill the Upper Tier Writing requirement must meet the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of the General Education Writing Requirement:
    either English 101 and English 102 (offered at BCTC)
    OR English 104 (offered at UK).
  • Sophomore standing.

Students will be required to keep a portfolio of their writing which will be submitted to UK.

For more information about the Upper Tier Writing requirement, contact:

Michael Benton
(859) 246-6365.