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Individuals who are currently working in child care 20 hrs. or more a week may qualify for the Childhood Development Scholarship. These funds will pay for up to 9 cr. hrs. per semester and provide some textbook reimbursement. Monetary Milestone Achievement awards are granted with the successful completion of each certificate, credential and/or degree. Scholarship deadlines are March 15 for Summer Sessions, July 15 for Fall semesters and November 15 for Spring semesters.

More details and forms are available at


If you would like to apply for the Kids Now Scholarship, please make an appointment with the following Bluegrass Regional Professional Development Counselors:

Leigha Knipp
Building N Room 121
164 Opportunity Way
Lexington, KY 40511
(859) 246-6738

Cassie Edington
Building N Room 121
164 Opportunity Way
Lexington, KY 40511
(859) 246-6796


In order to take classes at BCTC you MUST apply and be admitted to the college. You can go to the BCTC website and fill out an application online. Completing a Scholarship form and receiving the funding is a separate process and DOES not indicate that you are enrolled at BCTC.

Child Development Associate (CDA) Mini-grant applications (to cover the fees for evaluation) follow a different scholarship deadline and are separate from the Early Childhood Development grant. The CDA Mini-grant deadline is March 15.

You may contact the Professional Development Counselors for more information about these funds.