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Academic Certificate in Library Information Technology

The Academic Certificate in Library Information Technology prepares students for paraprofessional jobs in libraries.

Upon completion of the academic certificate, students will be able to:

  • perform basic library reference services and programs for a selected group of library customers
  • describe the role of the public library in the community as an agency for information services
  • perform readers advisory services and collection development analysis for a selected group of authors or genres

Courses taken for the Certificate in Library Information Technology may be used also for the Associate of Applied Science degree in Graphic Design and Library Technology, Library Information Technology Track.

All Library Information Technology courses are web-based distance courses.

LIT Certificate requirements: 15 credit hours

1. Required courses

  • LIT 115, Introduction to Library Services and
  • IMD 114, Information Literacy or LIN 175, Information Literacy

2. Library Procedures

  • LIT 124, Library Administration or
  • LIT 132, Technical Services

3. Library Services

  • LIT 120, Readers' Advisory Services or
  • LIT 243, Library Services for Children or
  • LIT 245, Library Services for Young Adults or
  • LIT 247, Library Services for Adults or
  • LIT 248, Library Services for Preschool Children or
  • LIT 280, Genealogy Services in Libraries

4. LIT elective: any LIT course above LIT 115