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Drop-Back Policy

Definition: A drop-back is an opportunity for a student to drop-back from one class in the interest of student success. Drops can be made to:

  1. The previous class in the sequence (i.e. MAT 085 to MAT 065)
  2. An alternative Mathematics path (i.e. MAT 150 to MA 111)
  3. A slower paced class (i.e. MAT065/MAT085 combo to full semester MAT 065)
  4. An in-class section (i.e. MAT 150 OL to MAT 150 On Campus)

In dropping back, it is as if the student dropped the original class during add/drop and added the new
class. In other words, students pay only for the destination class and the original class does not appear on the transcript.

In all cases, we will try to drop students into 12 week classes. This is not possible for all campuses and
courses. After add/drop, students may only drop-back to 16-week sections that are below capacity and with the destination section instructor's permission.

Assuming 16-week and 12-week semesters starting on Mondays...

  • Week 1 (of 16 week) - add/drop still available. No drop-backs necessary
  • Week 2 - Students may drop-back to 12-or 16-week sections (preference to 12 -week)
  • Week 3 - Students may drop - back to 12 - week sections Week 4 - No further drop-backs from 16-week sections
  • Week 1 (of 12 week) - add/drop still available. No drop-backs necessary.
  • Week 2 - Monday/Tuesday - Students may drop-back from 12-week to 12-week sections.
  • Week 2 - Wednesday - No further drop-backs from 12 week sections

Approved by Becky Harp Stephens September 16, 2015
Adopted by Math/Stats Division September 18, 2015