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The following advising resources are provided to assist advisors and students with advising and registration for mathematics and statistics courses at BCTC. Find information about mandatory placement, our courses, course sequence, and course equivalencies. If you have questions about mathematics and statistics advising, please email

Please contact if you have trouble accessing this information.


Math Placement Test and Score Changes

  • As of March 1st, BCTC Math Placement Test will be KYOTE -look for KMATH and KALG scores in PS
  • MAT 160 PreCalculusplacement scores now match MAT 150 College Algebra placement scores
  • A Calculus Placement test is available through the MS Division -Contact
  • Seeonline at Math & Stats Advising>>Math/QR Placement Tables


Math & Stats Advising Website:

BCTC Home >> Faculty & Staff >> Advisor Quickview >> Mandatory Placement: Math and Stats Advising InformationContains information about: Advising, Mandatory Placement, Co-Requisites, MAT011 and Additional Resources

Online Course Enrollment Request:

BCTC Home >> Academics >> Enrollment Assistance: Math Enrollment RequestUse for enrollment in all Co-Requisite courses, and for currently enrolled MAT011 students, or any math or stats courses wherePeoplesoft is not recognizing a prerequisite has been met.

Efficient Math Pathways

  • ALL Pathways:
MAT 11 (may need multiple enrollments) > Any College Math
  • Technical Math Pathway:

MAT 11 (may need multiple enrollments) > Any College Math

  • Liberal Arts/HealthPathway:

MAT 75 >MA 111 or PHI 250 or STA 210

  • MAT126 Pathway:
 MAT 75 >MAT 126
  • College Algebra Pathway:

MAT 75 >MAT 150 + MAT 96 Co-requisite (>MAT 170 if needed)

  • Calculus Pathway: 

MAT 75 >MAT 85 >MAT 160 >MA 113

Available Math Course- Delivery Modes

Mathematics and statistics courses are available in both on campus and online formats except:

  • Mat 011 Transitional Algebra
  • MAT116 Technical Math
  • MA 113 - MA 214 Calc I - IV


*New* Summer Developmental Pilot (in conjunction with Reading and English)

  • Complete developmental requirements during 1st 8-week Summer Term
  • MAT 011, MAT 075, MAT 085, IRW 085, ENC 091, RDG 185 Available, including some online options
  • See Summer 2018 Pilots
  • Special MAT011 Hybrid Section - Only for continuing MAT011 students from Spring who earned MP or higher. Must use Online Math Enrollment Request Form to Enroll
1564 MAT 11  J111 BLCNEWTOWN 5/14/2018 7/9/2018 W 11 AM 12:50 PM

*New* Tech Math Co-Requisites Available Online

  • MAT 105 + MAT 096 Business Math Co-Requisite and MAT 110 + MAT 096 Applied Math Co-Requisite
  • Only available during 1st 8-week Summer Term
  • Use Online Math Enrollment Request Form to Enroll
1582 MAT 105 19ZB + 1580 MAT 96 19Z8 5/14/2018 7/9/2018 WWW
 1583  MAT  110  19Z9  +  1581 MAT  96  19Z9 5/14/2018 7/9/2018 WWW


*New* Locations for Calculus Course Offerings in Fall 2018

  • MA 113 Calculus I and MA 114 Calculus II available at Cooper & Newtown
  • MA 213 Calculus III and MA 214 Calculus IV available only at Newtown

Calculus Advising Notes:

  • MAT 160 Precalculus recommended prerequisite for MA 113 Calculus I
  • To meet the prerequisites for MA 113, MA 114, or MA 213, a student must earn a "C" or higher in
    prerequisite coursework.
  • Calculus I - Calculus III are all 5 credit hour/7 contact hour courses, that meet MTWR and require
    require enrollment in the corresponding workshop component:
    MA 113 Calculus 1 + MA 193, MA 114 Calculus II + MA 194, MA 213 Calculus III + MAT 195

MAT 096 Co-Requisite Pairs

  • Co-requisite model allows developmental students to take college-level classes while receiving
    supplemental instruction and assistance in a paired, scheduled MAT096 lab
  • Students MUST register for same section number of BOTH the College Level Math Course and the
    corresponding section of MAT 096 [Ex. MAT 150 - J1A1 + MAT 096 - J1A1]
    • See Math & Stats Advising >> Advisor Notes - Corequisites for specific sections available
    • Paired on-campus co-requisite courses have an "A" in the section numbers (except Tech Math)
    • Must use Online Math Course Enrollment Request form to enroll
  • Complete Co-Requisite Options
    • MAT 105 Business Math + MAT 096          Available Summer > Online; Fall > Online & Newtown

    • MAT 110 Applied Math + MAT 096            Available Summer > Online; Fall > Online

    • MAT 116 Technical Math + MAT 096        Available Fall Only > Leestown

    • MAT 150 College Algebra + MAT 096        Available Fall Only > Online & Most Campuses

  • Prerequisites for COLLEGE ALGEBRA Co-Requisite: MAT 150 + MAT 096 [5 credit hours]

    oPrior MAT 065 or MAT 075

    oKYOTE KMATH ≥ 22
    oPrior MAT011 Block 2 Credit oWBSTQ ≥ 288
    oACT Math ≥ 19 oCOMPASS Alg ≥ 36
  • Prerequisites for TECH MATH Co-Requisite: MAT 105,110,116 + MAT 096 [4 credit hours]
    oPior MAT 055 Credit oKYOTE KMATH ≥ 12
    oPrior MAT011 Block 1 Credit oWBSTQ ≥ 250
    oACT Math ≥ 16 oCOMPASS Alg ≥ 16 (Recommend PreAlg ≥ 42

MAT 011 TRANSITIONAL ALGEBRA                         Questions about MAT 011? Contact

  • EMPORIUM: Competency-Based Learning through Technology offering Acceleration, Individualized Instruction, Flexible Pacing, and Mastery Learning through the Developmental Math Course Sequence
  • Offers "Rollover Option" for no-repeat continuation of learning between semesters
  • (Requires continual enrollment each semester, including summers, until a "P" grade is earned)
  • For Priority Registration - Refer to MAT 011 Progress Reports  
  • For Late Registration - Refer to PS Student Information:
    • If MAT 011 PASS à confirm placement by KYOTE [PS Student Information >> Test Scores] or STEP Credit [PS Student Information >> Test/Transfer Credit].
    • IF MAT 011 MP à re-enroll in MAT 011




  • Academic Goals:
Always confirm Major/Program Plan and transfer goals
  • Math Pathway:
Always confirm and discuss Math Pathway based on Academic Goals
  • Peoplesoft:

Have student change major in Peoplesoft as needed.

Always verify Placement Test Scores [PS Student Information >> Test Scores]

And STEP Credit [PS Student Information >> Test/Transfer Credit]

 A. MAT011 Block Equivalency

MAT011 Modules Equivalent BCTC Notes
BLOCK 1 Modules 1 - 4 MAT055 Prealgebra Low-Level New Student Placement
  BRIDGE A Review of MAT055 Average-Level New Student Placement
MINI-BLOCK 1.5   MAT062 Intro to Workplace Math

Tech Math Pathway ONLY

Prerequisite for MAT105, 110, 116

Modules 5 - 8 MAT075 Mathematical Literacy Prerequisite for MAT085, MA111, MAT126, and MAT150 + MAT096 Co-requisite
  BRIDGE B Transition to MAT085 High-Level New Student Placement
BLOCK 3 Modules 9 - 12 MAT085 Intermediate Algebra Prerequisites for MAT150 or MAT160


Technical Math Pathway Block 1 > Mini-Block 1.5 > Tech Math (MAT105, MAT110, MAT116)
Accelerated Block 1 > Tech Math + Co-Requisite [MAT105/110/116 + MAT096]
Liberal Arts Math Pathway Block 1 > Block 2 > MA111 Contemporary Math or MAT126
Accelerated Mini-Block 2.5 > MA111 Contemporary Math or MAT126
College Algebra Pathway Block 1 > Block 2 > Block 3 > MAT150 College Algebra
Accelerated Block 2 or Mini-Block 2.5 > MAT150 + MAT096 Co-requisite
Calculus Pathway (STEM) Block 2 > Block 3 > MAT160 Precalculus > MA113 Calculus I

C. MAT011 Grades and General Advising

Currently Enrolled During Priority Registration, ask for MAT011 PROGRESS REPORT (given to students 1-2 weeks after midterm)
  • Re-Enroll in MAT011 unless otherwise indicated on Progress Report
  • If other course indicated, MUST use Online Math Course Enrollment Request Form
  • MAT011 Coordinator will assist with math course registration as student progresses
PASS (P) Passed a BLOCK/COURSE Final = STEP Credit [PS Student Information >> Test/Transfer Credit] OR Earned KYOTE MP ≥ 22 (College-Ready) [PS Student Information >> Test Scores]
  • Register for next course in Math Pathway
MAKING PROGRESS (MP) *Not a Passing Grade* Attended all semester AND Completed at least ½ BLOCK/COURSE
  • Re-Enroll in MAT011 for "rollover" option, includes at least 1 summer term
FAIL (F) Did NOT attend all semester and/or made no progress
  • Re-Enroll in MAT011. Student will start back at beginning of Block OR
  • Enroll in standard lecture developmental course (if available)
  • Recommend academic assistance (FYE105, Study Skills, Tutoring, Soft Skills, etc.)
  • Do NOT enroll in an ONLINE math course!!!


Scheduling an Appointment in STARFISH:

  1. Log into your blackboard account with your KCTCS user name and password. image of the starfish button
    Note: You can also access STARFISH through your Student Self-Service
  2. Click on "Starfish" in the "Tools" menu on the left.
  3. On the Home Page, Click on "My Success Network" which include your instructors, resources and assigned advisor. Scroll through until you find your Instructor or Advisor and click on "Schedule Appointment" image of the my success network page
  4. A Calendar will appear with available dates in BOLD. Look for available appointment times for your desired dates or Testing window. Choose the appropriate type of appointment, "Office Hour", "Advising", or "Proctoring" and click on "Sign Up" image of the appointment calendar
  5. Complete the Appointment Form.

    For Proctoring, be sure to indicate
    your course, then click "Sign Up"
    image of the midterm proctoring sign up
    For Office Hours or Advising, be sure
    to indicate the reason for the visit and
    what type of visit it will be (phone or
    in person) and click "Submit" image of the add appointment drop down box
  6. After successfully submitting, your name should appear on the available time and you will receive a
    confirmation email in your KCTCS email account and the appointment will appear on your Dashboard.

image of the appointment dashboard

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MAT011 Transitional Algebra - Emporium Model

MAT011 TRANSITIONAL ALGEBRA is a developmental math course taught using a modified emporium model.

  • The course contains the competencies for ALL developmental mathematics
  • Separated into 3 BLOCKS: Block I  MAT055 Block II  MAT075 Block III  MAT085.
  • Start in the BLOCK best representing current level based on Placement Test and/or prior course work.
  • Continue in MAT011 working through BLOCKS at flexible pace over one or more semesters until specific prerequisites completed
  • Receive STEP Credit for completed course work and free KYOTE Placement Testing.

Key features MAT011 include:


"Learn only what you need to learn"

    • Interactive technology and one-on-one instructor assistance
    • Skip topics already mastered, focus only on new topics needed.
    • Efficient pathway to college level math (Technical Math, Liberal Arts Math, or College Algebra)


"Learn at a pace right for you"

    • No "Teacher Pace," spend time only on topics needed
    • Move from one developmental course to the next seamlessly in a single semester for NO EXTRA COST.
    • Don't retake an entire course. Instead re-enroll in MAT011 and start where you left off the prior semester (some restrictions apply)


"Build a Solid Foundation"

    • Show mastery before moving up to higher level skills
    • Build a solid foundation for College Level Math


"Take learning into your own hands."

    • Create a Math Learning Routine
    • Attendance Required
    • Weekly Lab Hours in Tutoring Center required (Fall/Spring only)
    • MyLabsPlus course fee automatically charged to account - no purchases from bookstore or online required
    • Improve Note-taking skills and organization

EdReady is a freeonline tutorial and test preparation program for mathematics!

Students that test into a developmental math course can use Edready for college math preparation and thenretake the math placement exam at BCTC for free.

Instead of payingtuition for developmental math courses, students can learn using Edready at no cost. The goal is for students to bypass developmental math courses in order to complete college level math requirements in ashorter time frame.

Student Instructions:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Add the goal BCTC Math Preparation
  3. Once you click on your goal, you will be asked to take an intial assessement
  4. Your customized study plan now contains the units that need to be studied
  5. Click on a unit to get started-Units include videos, tutorials, examples, excercises, and quizzes
  6. Successful completion of a unit quiz willincrease your overall score
  7. Whenyou reach your goal score, contact Advising and Assessment to schedule afreemathplacement exam.

* * *

EdReady is designed and maintained byThe NROC Project, a community-guided non-profit and is available at no cost for personal use.

* * *

Math Tutoring is available to students who are working on EdReady.

See tutoringinformation

* * *

For questions about EdReady and/orhelp with registering an account, please contact: