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Chris McCarron FAQs

Do you plan to train or own racehorses?

No, I do not.

Do you still ride?

I ride for pleasure occasionally but the last time I rode in a race was in November 2004. I competed in a retired jockeys all-star event in Melbourne, Australia.

How many winners did you ride?


How often did you get hurt?

Over the 28 years that I rode, it probably averages out to once per year. More specifically, I have broken both legs, my right arm, right shoulder blade, right hand, several ribs, my back, and my right heel, and I have had lots of muscle strains and sprains.

In how many races did you compete?

I rode in over 34,000 races, in 22 different states, and seven different countries.

What was your worst injury/wreck?

As a result of a spill at Hollywood Park in June of 1990, I broke both legs and my right arm. However, I returned to riding races only 87 days later.

What were your career earnings?

My mounts earned more than $260 million.

Who was your favorite horse to ride?

It' s a dead-heat between Kentucky Derby winner Alysheba and three-time Horse of the Year John Henry.

Why did you decide to become a jockey?

I followed my older brother Gregg into the sport of horseracing because it looked like an exciting career to me. While I was in high school, I closely watched Gregg's accomplishments and decided to give it a try.

Why did you decide to retire?

I accomplished a great deal as a jockey, felt satisfied with my achievements and wanted to pursue other interests in the sport of horseracing; most notably, teaching young people to become jockeys.