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Nursing Student Background Check

All students in the ADN Program must submit to a criminal background check as a prerequisite for clinical practice. Students who fail to submit to a background check or to allow the College access to the report will be ineligible for clinical placement and unable to achieve the objectives of nursing course work. Those who do not pass the background check are afforded the opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding the situation, but if the student is ineligible for clinical placement he/she will be given the opportunity to withdraw from the Program.

The criminal background check will include but is not limited to: Social Security Fraud; Criminal Background; Sex Offender Search; Abuse Registry; OIG Medicare Sanctioned List; Licensure, Certification and Designation.

Situations in which a person does not have a satisfactory background check will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean for Nursing on a case-by-case basis. Convictions involving the following crimes, but not limited to these crimes may serve to disqualify a person from participating in required clinical learning experiences.

  • Any felony, whether listed below or not
  • Crimes involving drugs, including but not limited to unlawful possession or distribution
  • Crimes of physical violence to include any type of abuse (child, spousal, or of the elderly), abduction such as kidnapping, manslaughter, murder, robbery, sexual crimes, possession of a restricted fire arm or any related weapons offenses, assault and battery
  • Conviction of a misdemeanor related to abuse, neglect or exploitation

All background checks must be done by CastleBranch.The cost of the background check will be borne by the student.