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PN Program Curriculum & Additional Requirements

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 Pre-requisites

  • Attend a Practical Nursing (PN) Pre-Admission Conference
  • Create a Selective Admissions System (SAS) Account
  • Take the NLN-PAX exam
  • Current "BLS Provider" card from the Amertican Heart Association (CPR 100)
  • Successful completion of a Medicaid Nursing Assistant or equivalent course or NAA 100 within three years of beginning the Nursing Program, or proof of active status on the Medicaid Nurse Aide Registry.
  • Digital Literacy as defined by KCTCS. (Choose one: CAD 103, DLC 100, VCC 150, CIT 105, IMD 100 or OST 105 or waiver).

PN Curriculum

  • A Letter grade of "C" or higher is required for all courses used for the Practical Nursing diploma.
  • Each course must be taken within the semester in which it is listed, from the first through third semester.
  • Successful completion of each course in each semester is required before one may progress to the next semester of the program.
  • Failure to complete the delineated sequencing of the courses and curriculum will result in withdrawal from the program.
  • Estimated program costs can be found on the BCTC Practical Nursing website.

Co-Requisites must be completed prior to the second semester of the program, with the exception of the Oral Communications or English course which can be completed any time prior to graduation.

Course Name(s) Credit Hours
BIO135* OR BIO137 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & BIO139 4-8
ENG101 Writing I OR Oral Communication (COM181 or COM252) 3

*Credits earned in biological and behavioral sciences that are three years or older must be updated. 

Total Co-Requisite hours: 7-11

Course Name Credit Hours
NPN100 Intro to Nursing & Health Care System 2
NPN105 Development of the Care Giver Role 6
NPN110 Pharmacology I 2

First Semester Total Credits: 10

Course Name Credit Hours
NPN201 Child Bearing Family 3
NPN125 Mental Health Nursing 3
NPN130 Pharmacology I 3
NPN135 Introduction to Health Deviations 6

Second Semester Total Credits: 15

Course Name Credit Hours
NPN200 Med/Surg I 5
NPN205 Med/Surg II 5
NPN215 Nursing Trends & Issues 1
NPN210 Clinical Practicum 4

Third Semester Total Credits: 15

Proof of Immunizations

Proof of clinical requirements must be provided within the first two weeks after the start of the semester

Proof of immunizations is required by the agencies and facilities used for clinical experiences. A copy of the Immunization Report with updates must be submitted to the Nursing faculty by the date announced or the student will be dropped from the program. The immunizations required may change per facility request and other immunizations besides those identified may be required.


Documentation of a MMR vaccine or a positive titer (this is a blood test that shows immunity) for Mumps, Rubella and Rubeola. If the titer is non-reactive or negative, then a MMR vaccine must be taken or documentation by a physician of having Rubeola, Rubella, and Mumps diseases. If born in 1957 or later: two MMR vaccinations since the age of one, or documentation by the individual s health care provider that he/she has had Mumps, Measles, and Rubella or negative titers for Mumps, Measles, and Rubella.

Hepatitis B vaccine recommended or waiver to decline vaccination is required.

Flu vaccine required.

Immunity to Varicella (Chicken Pox):

  • Documentation from a health care provider of previous chicken pox illness/disease.
  • Positive antibody titer OR
  • Immunization with Varicella vaccine. Full immunization requires a series of two vaccinations or a booster if titer is negative or low.

Proof of a negative Tuberculosis (TB) skin test or proof of no active Tuberculosis Annual TB screening is required while the student is enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program. The negative PPD must be within the last six months before the start of the clinical. If positive, a written statement from a physician that the individual does not have active TB is required.

*Note: Students attending the PN program at Danville Campus have additional clinical requirements as mandated by Ephraim McDowell Hospital:

  • Proof of a 2-step TB skin test six weeks prior to the first clinical day and then annual TB skin testing thereafter.
  • Positive Varicella titer or Varicella immunization.
  • Tdap vaccine (good for 10 years from date given).


Must acquire professional liability insurance through college (at nominal fee).

Background Check

Kentucky State Board of Nursing Criminal Convictions Regulation

If a clinical facility requires a satisfactory criminal background check as a prerequisite for clinical practice, students must submit to a background check and meet this requirement.

The Kentucky Administrative Regulation 201 KAR 20:370 authorizes the Kentucky Board of Nursing to deny, limit, revoke, suspend, or take other action against an applicant or licensee who is guilty of the offenses or conduct specified in KRS 314.091. Applications for licensure by examination are therefore reviewed for eligibility. Candidates for licensure by examination may be denied application in relationship to the candidate s criminal conviction record. Copies of the board s information regarding this regulation may be obtained on the Kentucky Board of Nursing web site: