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PN Program Progression Policy / Technical Standards

Progression Policy

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A student who receives two grades of W , E or D while in a practical nursing program may not apply to return to the practical nursing program for two years. The student would apply as a new student and if accepted would repeat all PN courses previously taken. This policy applies to students who fail or withdraw from the same practical nursing course two times, to students who fail or withdraw from two different practical nursing courses while in the program, and to students who fail or withdraw from two practical nursing courses during the same semester. This policy applies to transfer students who have had one failure/withdrawal in another KCTCS practical nursing program. Transfer applicants with two prior practical nursing course failures or withdrawals may not be admitted to the program.

Technical Standards

Nursing at the technical level involves the provision of direct care for individuals and is characterized by the application of verified knowledge in the skillful performance of nursing functions. All students require:

  • Sufficient visual acuity, such as is needed in preparation and administration of medications, and for the observation necessary for patient assessment and nursing care;
  • Sufficient auditory perception to receive verbal communication from patients and members of the health care team and to assess health needs of people through the use of monitoring devices such as cardiac monitors, stethoscopes, IV infusion pumps, Doptones, fire alarms, etc.;
  • Sufficient gross and fine motor coordination to respond promptly and to implement the skills, including the manipulation of equipment required in meeting health needs;
  • Sufficient communication skills (speech, reading, writing) to interact with individuals and to communicate their needs promptly and effectively, as may be necessary in the individual s interest; According to KAR 314.051 (1)(c) An applicant for a license to practice as a licensed practical nurse shall file with the board a written application for a license verified by oath, that the applicant: Is able to understandably speak and write the English language and to read the English language with comprehension and;
  • Sufficient intellectual and emotional functions to plan and implement care for individuals.