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The Social Work Program

The Social Work Program

The Social Work Program is intended to be a transfer program to a four year college. Students who graduate with a B.S. in Social Work have an incredible diversity of challenging employment opportunities, including but not limited to child protection, geriatrics, counseling, education, and meeting basic needs. The regional colleges and universities, in general, accept our students into their Social Work Programs as long as they have met the following Associates of Arts degree requirements. As part of the AA degree students should enroll and make at least a "B" in SW124, Introduction to Social Services and SW222, The Development of Social Welfare. The list below is suggested for Social Work Majors.

Associate of Arts with Focus in Social Work

Core Transfer Component - 33 Credit Hours

(6 hrs) Written Communication

  • ENG 101 & 102 or ENG 105 + 3 hours of electives
  • Oral Communication COM 181, 252 and 281 or 287 (3 hrs)
  • Heritage * Any course from the approved Gen Ed heritage list (3 hrs)
  • Humanities* Any course from the approved Gen Ed humanities list (3 hrs)
  • Social Interaction* (9 hrs)
  • An Anthropology, Economics and a Political Science
  • Science Any two sciences classes from the approved science list at least one must have an accompanying lab. (6 hrs)
  • Many colleges of social work require 2 semesters of Biology and the requisite lab for at least one of the courses.
  • Mathematics MA109 or MA111 (3 hrs)

Additional General Education Requirements 15 hours

  • Heritage/Humanities/Foreign Language* One class from the approved Gen Ed list for Heritage, Humanities or Foreign Language. (Many colleges require either 2 years of a foreign language in high school or 2 semesters in college. Please inquire with the Social Work Dep't at college to which you plan to transfer.) (3 hrs)
  • An Additional PSY or PY (3 hrs)
  • An Additional Science or Mathematics (3 hrs)
  • Any Sociology (3 hrs)
  • Computer Course CIS 100 CIT105 IMD100 (3 hrs)
  • If a student passes the computer competency exam in lieu of taking the computer course, an additional course from the Gen Ed list must be taken.

Other Degree Requirements 6 hours (6 hrs)

  • SW124 and SW222
  • Electives (6 hours of general electives)
  • *Cultural Studies at least one course in the Gen Ed block must be from the Cultural Studies List
  • 60 credit hours 15 credit hours completed at BCTC
  • 2.0 GPA
  • 24 credit hours completed at KCTCS