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SOC 101 Introductory Sociology (3)

Introduction to the concepts and methods of sociology. Investigation of socialization, group processes, social institutions and social change. Student may not receive credit for both this course and GEN 102.

SOC 151 Social Interaction (3)

Explores the fundamental sociological and social psychological processes underlying human interaction. Focuseson the dynamics of symbolic exchange, the social context and processes shaping it, and examines its effects onthe formation and maintenance of social and personality systems.

SOC 152 Modern Social Problems (3)

An introductory course involving an examination of selected social problems of the day. Topics may include family, poverty, education, crime, race, housing, population, health care, industrial development, and power.
Prerequisite: SOC 101 or equivalent social science background.

SOC 220 The Community (3)

Examines social organization and process in modern communities, both rural and urban; social techniques ofcommunity improvement.

SOC 230 Deviant Behavior (3)

Nature of societal rules, rule enforcers and rule breakers. Social issues and research in crime, delinquency, drug addiction, alcoholism, mental illness, pornography, sexuality and other forms of deviance. Emphasis on theoretical explanations and social consequences.

SOC 235 Inequality in Society (3)

Analysis of the nature, development, and persistence of inequality in various societies. Diverse dimensions of inequality are viewed as the basis for a number of specific social problems in Western and non- Western societies. Social origins of inequality are emphasized. Policy implications are addressed.
Prerequisite: Three hours of sociology or equivalent social science background.

SOC 249 Media, Society, and Culture (3)

Examines the interplay between media, culture, and society.

SOC 260 Population, Resource, and Change (3)

The interrelationship among population variables (size, composition, change), social systems, and environmental conditions will be explored from an issue of problems approach. The tools of populations studies will be introduced and used to examine how population influences society and mankind s use of the environment.
Prerequisite: Three hours of sociology or equivalent social science background.

SOC 299 Special Introductory Topics in Sociology (3)

(Subtitle required)
An introductory study of a selected topic in sociology. Topics may include, but are not limited to, industrial sociology, sociology of aging, sex roles, criminology, stratification and urban sociology. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits under different subtitle.
Prerequisite: Three hours of introductory level sociology or consent of instructor.