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SDC 102 Stress Management (1)

Students will review various physiological and psychological approaches to stress with an emphasis on creating an awareness of how to change and manage their responses to stressful situations. Options and appropriate exercises for coping with anxiety will be presented. Topics will include time management, cognitive restructuring, health, wellness and relaxation training.

SDC 104 Transfer Planning (1)

Increases knowledge, personal awareness, and self-efficacy related to the transfer process after completion of a two year degree. Provides information, decision making tools, transition skills, and support to navigate the transfer process, and concluding with an individualized transfer plan to ensure successful matriculation to a four-year institution.

SDC 105 Career Planning Seminar (1)

Students will become more knowledgeable about themselves and career options. Self-assessments and vocational inventories measuring interests, work values, skills and abilities will be administered to students. Students will learn how to research careers, career alternatives and employment trends. Topics will include goal setting, decision-making and employability skills. Students will complete a personal career plan at the conclusion of the course.

SDC 109 Employabilty Skills (1)

This course is designed to prepare students for the world of work. Students will be introduced to self and career assessment, employability skills (i.e. the application process, resume writing, interviewing, and follow-ups), and the job market and job search strategies.