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Welding Technology

Photo of a person weldingThe Welding Technology Program is dedicated to welding education, technology and student s success. Students in this program will learn various welding techniques, careers and the skills needed to be successful in the Welding Technology field. The Professors of these programs are licensed by the American Welding Society (AWS). AWS is the accrediting body of Welding Technology worldwide.

Welding occupations are primarily concerned with joining, surfacing, or repairing structures or parts made of metal or other weldable materials. The skills and knowledge needed to determine the appropriate welding technique required for a specific project and to successfully perform that technique are gained through course work and practical experience.

The program also offers numerous opportunities for pursuing welding certifications under the AWS D1.1 structural steel welding code as well as classes designed for the hobbyist. We also offer Certification testing under various American Welding Society Codes.

Professional Credentials

The program offers a wide range of credentials. Associate of Applied Science Degree, Diploma and 11 certificates in Welding Technology.


For Welding Technology Program information please contact one of the program's coordinators.