2:00 p.m. 2:45 p.m. Concurrent Sessions III

Session Topic


AdvisorTrac Training - Ben Worth

Learn how to use this essential advising software.


Annual Hazardous Waste Training - Rae Ann Gill

Hazardous Waste Training covers required information about how to handle hazardous waste in your lab or area, definitions and explanations of generator status, Hazardous Waste Management Plan and Log sheets, etc.


Fun Session: How to Live a Maximized Life - Justin Pierce

3 simple changes you can make to transform your health! Gain energy, lose inflamation, and get in the best shape of your life. Drs. Justin and Shannon Pearce are certified chiropractors. They have traveled all over the country learning the newest and most efffective information about natural health care. As part of the Maximized Living program, the doctors are the official team chiropractors for USA Judo, weightlifting, wrestling, and para-volleyball and had the pleasure of watching many of their athletes bring home metals for the USA! Their health center in Lexington focuses on teaching families how to make sustainable changes and build healing from the inside-out. http://www.maximizedliving.com/Story.aspx


Leading to Thrive in a Culture of Change - Wendy Bolt, Greg Feeney

(Session limited to 25 participants)

Anything new? Seriously, are you kidding me? Feel like you are swimming against current, barely able to keep your head above water? This session focuses on taking a personal approach in leading others to get the best out of what change offers. Principles discussed are based on the work of Michael Fullan and relate to all college areas and activities. The purpose of this presentation is to do more than help you handle change; it is to give you the opportunity to flourish as change continues to present itself in all its various aspects.


Read for Life: Change always comes bearing gifts - Beth Healander, Brandon Knight

(Fulfills QEP requirements for PPE)

Fabulous prizes will accompany this workshop focused on changes inspired by our QEP since 2009 - 2010. The three goals of our Quality Enhancement Plan "Read for Life" will be highlighted, as well as changes implemented to meet these goals. For example, structural changes implemented in transitional reading courses will be discusses, as well as professional development for reading faculty and our school's involvement in the QEP. BCTC's Literacy comparisons from 2009 - 2012 will also be explored, such as: What is FERPA? Or a SAP appeal? Can you explain Selective Admission? Lastly, Read for Life has been the impetus for various Reading Partnerships across disciplines. We ask that YOU share the changes Read for Life has meant for YOU... IN X - CHANGE FOR A FABULOUS PRIZE, OF COURSE!


Times are a changing - Daniel Sulfridge

(Session limited to 25 participants)

Productive ways in which to cope with change.


TTALKS Thinking Together about Alignment, Learning, Knowledge, and Strategies - Dr. Augusta Julian

(Session limited to 20 participants)

TTALKS are designed to provide a forum for discussion with the president on college ideas and issues. This session will focus on suggestions for action steps to be included in the revision to the strategic plan this year.