9:45 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Concurrent Sessions I

Session Topic


BCTC Career Link: What is it and why do I care? - Daniel Sulfridge

Learn how BCTC Career Link will greatly benefit students in search of that elusive first job. BCTC Career Link is a job database specifically geared to the BCTC student population in which they will be able to search for jobs during and after their time at BCTC.


New Advising Initiatives - Pam Bates

This session introduces the initiatives for advising the first year student by introducing the academic advising syllabus and Individual Student Success Plan to assist with improving retention rates.


Accelerating Opportunity - Arion Jett

This session would provide information on Accelerating Opportunity KY, its wrap around services, and how it would benefit a number of incoming students and possibly students currently enrolled in the college.


Using Google Docs for Collaborative Learning - Clovis Perry

This presentation will demonstrate how to use the collaborative functions of Google Docs to facilitate collaborative learning and teaching in the classroom. Google Docs is a hosted service where you can create, store and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations and online forms.


Little Things we can do to make life fun at BCTC with Student Organizations & Student Engagement - Regina Shank, Lucinda Baker, Carol Stiles

This session will share information about Regina s personal experience as a student as well as information on all BCTC student organizations, responses to student surveys showing why Student Organizations are beneficial, examples of community service and volunteerism within the Student Organizations, requirements to create a new Student Organization or how to re-register, and list the little things we can do to engage students regardless of faculty/staff status. Additional guest speakers of BCTC Student Organizations: Lucinda Baker of PTK and Carol Stiles of Pride Alliance.


Read for LIFE: Promoting Student Success (Fulfills QEP requirements for PPE) - Beth Healander, Lori Houghton

Fabulous prizes will accompany this workshop focused on successful strategies to improve student reading that were inspired by our QEP since 2009-2010. The three goals of our Quality Enhancement Plan Read for LIFE will be highlighted, as well as changes implemented to meet these goals. For example, structural changes implemented in transitional reading courses to promote student success will be discussed, as well as professional development for reading faculty. Student success based on BCTC s Literacy comparisons from 2009 -2012 will also be explored, such as: What is FERPA? Or a SAP appeal? Can you explain Selective Admission? Lastly, Read for LIFE has been the impetus for various Reading Partnerships to promote student success across disciplines. We ask that YOU share student success stories and ways in which Read for LIFE has affected YOU . . . in exchange for fabulous prizes of course!