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HR Policy and Procedures

All forms are now located on the KCTCS Employee Intranet at

Welcome to BCTC HR Employee Handbook (Staff)

File KCTCS Policy
Purpose & Use of this Handbook BCTC
Vision, Values, and Mission BCTC
Strategic Plan BCTC
Employment Status 2.0
Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Personnel Records 2.4
Performance Review 2.5
Employee Separation 2.8
Faculty and Staff Tuition Waivers 2.10
Outside Employment 2.11.3
Leaves of Absence 2.14 - 2.14.16
Classification and Compensation Administration 2.15
Employment Actions 2.15.2
Shift Differential 2.15.5
Personnel Dispute Resolution 2.16
Complaint Resolution Procedure
Independent Third Party Appeal Process 2.16.3
Employment Selection 2.18
Job Abandonment Policy 2.19.7
Equal Employment Opportunity 3.1
Harassment Based on Race, Gender, Age, National Origin, Color, Religion, or Disability 3.3.1
Harassment-Free Workplace Brochure Acknowledgement Form Form
Nepotism 3.3.2
Immigration Law Compliance 3.3.3
Employment of Minors 3.3.4
Environment Health and Safety Policy 3.3.6
Sales and Solicitation 3.3.12
Substance Abuse 3.3.13
Alcohol Policy
Smoking Policy 3.3.14
Response/Crisis Management Policy 3.3.17
Fund-Raising Policy 3.3.18
Outside Activities- 3.3.19
Travel Policy 3.3.20
KCTCS E-Mail Policy BCTC E-Mail Policy BCTC Broadcast E-Mail Policy 3.3.21 BCTC
Motor Vehicle Policy 3.3.22
Policy for Children on Campus BCTC
Policy on Deadly Weapons 3.3.23
Pets on Campus
Workplace Violence Policy 3.3.25
Political Activity 3.4
Employee Benefits Policy (Technical College Employees Hired on/or after July 1, 1998; Community College and System Employees Hired on/or after January 14, 1998) 3.6
Retirement Plan Policies 3.7
Appendix I: Drug-Free Policy Notification Notification
Information and Information Technology Responsible Use Policy 4.2.5
Computer Account Usage Agreement Form
Human Resources Procedures KCTCS Intranet
Human Resources Policy On-Line Handbook Acknowledgement Form Form

Other Policies (Faculty)

File KCTCS Policy
KCTCS Systemwide Committees 1.8.2
Faculty, Faculty Rank, And Faculty Titles 2.1
KCTCS Faculty Search/Appointment/Orientation 2.3
Promotion In Rank 2.6
KCTCS Rank And Promotion Guidelines For Term Contract Faculty 2.6.3
Fringe Benefits (Community College Employees Hired Prior To January 14, 1998) 3.5
Carrier Benefits (Community College Employees Hired Prior To January 14, 1998) 3.5.2
Institutional Benefits (Retirement Plan For Community College Employees Hired Prior To January 14, 1998) 3.5.3
Other Benefits (Community College Employees Hired Prior To January 14, 1998) 3.5.4