Faculty Council

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council shall act on behalf of the entire voting membership of the Faculty and have the authority and responsibility to function within the degrees stated within the Rules of the Faculty.

The Faculty Council shall perform the following functions:

  1. Setting the agenda of all regular meetings of the faculty;
  2. Establishing a time and place of regular meetings of the faculty;
  3. Establishing the time and date for Faculty Council meetings for the subsequent year prior to elections during the Spring Term;
  4. Charging committees with matters for study and recommendation;
  5. Establishing deadlines for submission of materials to Faculty Council;
  6. Acting on behalf of the Faculty to approve proposals recommended to it by the College Curriculum Review Committee, college Academic Standards and Admissions Committee, or the college Rules Committee, and reviewing and acting on all matters brought forward by ad hoc or special committees, from individual faculty members, or from college administration. All such actions must be circulated electronically for 10 calendar days. If there is no objection, the Faculty Council action becomes official. If an objection is raised and not resolved, the Secretary of the Faculty will communicate the objection electronically to all voting members of the faculty and if 10% of the faculty agree with the objection, then the Faculty Council action will be suspended. The following will then occur:
    1. A special faculty meeting will be called. A special faculty meeting to address an objection cannot be called during the months of June and July;
    2. At the special faculty meeting, if a quorum is obtained the action taken by the faculty on such objections is final;
    3. If a quorum is not obtained at the special faculty meeting, then the action approved at Faculty Council prior to the objection then becomes final.
  7. Advising the President on the appointment of members of the College Advisory Committee on Promotion;
  8. Communicating with the President on areas of faculty concern;
  9. Enact the Faculty Council policy for handling objections to actions made on behalf of the Faculty; and
  10. Performing other duties as delegated to it by the Faculty.

If you have questions about Faculty Council, please contact Jenny Jones, Chair of the Faculty.

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