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Schedule Course Data and Process

Course Schedule Creation Best Practices

The goal for the course schedule creation process is to create an efficient course schedule that meets the anticipated needs of students.

  • The Scheduling Coordinator (SC) will analyze historical course data and consider input within and beyond Academics regarding the upcoming term s course schedule needs. Based upon this information, the SC will generate for general education courses, support courses, and low efficiency technical courses the recommended number of sections and will distribute this document to the Academics Leadership Team.
  • Assistant Deans will meet with Coordinators, along with their Dean, as needed to review the SC recommendations document, and Coordinators will use this document to complete course schedules for their disciplines/programs.
  • For the first draft, Coordinators will schedule classes only in rooms assigned to their division on the Master Room Grid.
  • SC will review returned schedule to insure it provides opportunities to meet various student scheduling needs.
  • Once confirmed, Assistant Deans may seek out available classrooms from other Assistant Deans.
  • In discussion with their Assistant Dean, Coordinators may increase the number of escrowed sections (as long as college wide room needs allow). To decrease or increase the number of opened sections, Coordinators must get approval from their Assistant Dean and Dean.