Recruitment Activity

Recruitment Activity

Recruitment Updates

Hello, Faculty and Staff! This page will update you on the recruiting efforts and upcoming events that are happening at BCTC. We have collected approximately 120 prospect cards from you all at the Recruitment Fair at this year s Kick Off and we look forward to working with you this year to help spread the word about BCTC! To contact the correct counselor based off territory, please visit Meet Your Admissions Counselor.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 06
Anderson County High School Basketball Sponsorship
Jan. 10
St. Joseph East
Jan. 11
St. Joseph Hospital
Jan. 13
Bluegrass Baptist School
Jan. 20
Lexington Rescue Mission/Fayette County Detention Center
Jan. 25
Lafayette High School
Feb. 01
Spencer County High School
Feb. 03
Madison Central High School Tour
Feb. 03
Henry Clay High School Basketball Game Sponsorship
Feb. 03
Danville High School Basketball Gam Sponsorship
Feb. 07
Bryan Station High School Basketball Sponsorship
Feb. 07
Mercer County High School Scholarship Shoppe 2017
Feb. 08
Henry Clay High School
Feb. 16
Western Hills High School
Feb. 17
Woodford County High School College Experience Day
Feb. 25
Jackson City School Tour
Feb. 27
Anderson County High School
Mar. 07
Transylvania Regional College Fair
Mar. 10
Tates Creek High School College Experience Day
Mar. 16
Dunbar High School Operation Preparation College/Career Fair
Mar 20
Operation Preparation @ KSU
Mar. 22
Tates Creek College and Career Fair
Mar. 24
Mercer County High School Career Fair
Mar. 28
Lafayette High School College Experience Day
Mar. 28
The Unfair Fair-Transylvania University
Mar. 29
Casey County College Fair
Mar. 29
PEARL Academy College Tour
Mar. 31
Garrard County High School Career Fair

Not Sure What to Say?

Our elevator speech has you covered! You can always reference to these reasons on why to choose BCTC while talking to students at events or just while you re around town:

  • We have the most affordable tuition in the state of Kentucky.
  • We have small class sizes with a ratio of 16:1.
  • We offer flexible schedules to accommodate work schedules.
  • You can easily transfer to a four-year institution.
  • We have six different locations for your convenience (seven by spring 2017!).
  • We offer more than 40 associate degree, diploma, and certificate options.
  • There are students from 30 different countries attending BCTC.
  • We are one of the largest two-year community and colleges in the state.

Requesting Branded Materials

Admissions has branded table clothes, viewbooks, and prospect cards for recruitment events. These materials are reserved only for recruitment events targeting prospective students. To request materials for an event, please contact Jill Page via email at at least two weeks prior to the event so arrangements can be made.

All prospect cards collected at an event can be returned to Jill Page in Oswald 200. You may deliver or send via inter-campus mail. Please label the cards with your name and the type of event (refer to ITES Activity Form linked below) because we follow-up with all students that complete a prospect card.

If you want custom design or program specific materials, please contact Public Information and Marketing regarding designing and printing materials.

Logging Recruitment Activity

All recruitment activities should be documented. Recruitment activities include college and career fairs or presentations at a school or organization, as well as on-campus tours and programs that target prospective students.

Please document your recruitment activity using the Recruitment Activity Form. Please be sure you have a record of the number of prospect cards collected at each event (if applicable) prior to sending them to the Visitor Center.