Staff Council is committed to providing an avenue to voice staff concerns/issues and providing an opportunity for staff to give input into the decision making process.

The most effective way to share your thoughts with us is to fill out and submit our Staff Council proposal form.

All proposals submitted to Executive Committee of Staff Council will be given due consideration at the ECSC meeting immediately following the submission date. Proposals will be presented anonymously, unless otherwise requested. Proposal authors will receive confirmation of their submission, and will be invited to attend the meeting at which their proposal will be considered. Attendance at the meeting is not mandatory for consideration of proposal. If not present, authors will be notified of any decisions or actions taken regarding their proposal in a timely manner.

Submitted and processed proposals can be viewed below. Details of the discussion and decisions regarding the proposals can be found in the Minutes.

Submitted Proposals

November - December 2013:

Consideration of Statement of Support: Domestic Partner Benefits

Action taken: Formal Staff Poll conducted December 2013; motioned and voted to accept the Statement and express support to the College Administration.

October - November 2013:

Consideration of proposal to examine new employee orientation.

Action taken: New temporary sub-committee of ECSC created to identify gaps in the current system and work out possible solutions - Kirk Frasier, chair. Draft Recommendations for 2014-2015 Staff Council

Proposal Form

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