Frequently Asked Questions

For questions not listed here, please contact the Associate Vice-President of Business Services (vacant).

How do I use secure print?

To use secure print (or "follow me printing"), please refer to the instructions at the following link: Secure Print Instructions.

How do I report a problem?

Please refer to: Problem Reporting Procedures.

How do I order paper?

Please refer to: Ordering Paper.

How do I order toner?

Please refer to: Ordering Toner.

How do I recycle used toner cartridges and / or toner waste tubes?

Please refer to: Recycling Toner Cartridges.

How do I print from a flash drive?

Steps for printing from a flash drive:

  1. Make sure the file is saved as a jpg, tiff, or pdf.
  2. Plug the flash drive into the printer.
    1. Please contact the BCTC Contact for MFPs if you have trouble locating the proper outlet.
  3. Sign in under your login and provide your password.
  4. Select "Access Stored Files".
  5. Select "Memory Media".
  6. Select "Memory Media A:/".

Note: Not all devices have a flash drive. Please see "functions" on the document at Multi-Functional Printers to determine if the device has a flash drive.

How do I send a fax from a multi-functional printer?

  1. Enter your ID and Password,
  2. Select the "fax" button,
  3. For local calls:
    1. Dial 9
    2. Dial the number
  4. For long-distance calls:
    1. Dial 9-1
    2. Dial the number
    3. Select "pause" 2 times
    4. Enter your long-distance password

How do I print on letterhead or other special paper?

Send the print job to "secure print" and use the "bypass tray".

Can I run labels through a multi-functional printer?

Yes, you can run labels through an MFP. However, you need to make sure you use labels that are specifically approved for use in a copier.

How do I resolve the printer error message related to incorrect size of paper?

Please refer to the attached documentation at printer paper error.

How do I request that a printer be relocated?

In the event that a printer needs to be relocated, faculty/staff should contact BCTC Information Technology.

How do I request a new laser printer or MFP if my old one stops working?

All MFPs are under a master lease between BCTC and Konica-Minolta. In the event that your department needs a new laser printer/MFP, please complete the request form which is located on ITES at "Assistance Request", "Printer Requests" (see also the following link https://ites.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/modules/printer_requests/request_form.php).

How are departmental recharges calculated for printing

Cost per Click (Printers):

  • Multifunctional Printers (MFP)
    • Variable depending upon size of machine
    • MFPs are always more economical than laser devices!
    • The cost per click information is listed online at: MFP Cost per Click Worksheet
  • Laser Devices
    • B & W only device = $.017 per click
    • Color device:
      • B & W = $.0496 per click
      • Color = $.1943 per click

Paper: $.01 per piece of paper

  • Current cost for paper is $50.00 per case (5,000 pieces). This equals .01 cent per piece of paper.

What is rules-based printing?

Rules (from Rules Based Printing QAC):


  • Secure or Direct Print - { Note: student MFP default to secure print was changed due to login time }
    • Recommendation Employee default should be direct print with option to select secure.
    • Student default should be secure to MFP and direct to lasers
  • Duplex default should be set as automatic duplex
  • Black & White all printing will default to B&W
  • Ten or more pages will be automatically rerouted to secure print (retrieval should be at the closest most efficient MFP)

Please refer to: Rules-Based Printing.