Locations Costs Functions

Locations, Costs, and Functions

BCTC s Printing/Copying equipment includes both laser devices and multi-functional printers (MFPs). Each device is assigned a BCTC Contact. BCTC Contacts are responsible for answering general questions about the machines and ordering, replacing and recycling toner cartridges. BCTC s Printing/Copying equipment is located throughout each campus location based on needs in each area.

The document links, below, detail locations, costs, functions and contact information for each printer/copier:

Note: Faculty/staff may not relocate a printer. In the event that a printer needs to be relocated, please contact BCTC Information Technology.

Departments are charged for usage of copy/print resources which is reported via software that is installed on each device. The department charge includes 2 components:

  • Cost per click
  • Paper cost

Cost per click varies depending on type of equipment (MFP or laser).

  • If an MFP is used, the cost per click varies based on the MFP model (see Multi-Functional Printers).
  • If a laser is used, the cost per click varies depending on whether the printer is a black/white only or color printer:
    • Black/white only device: $0.017 per click,
    • Color device:
      • Black/white prints: $0.0496 per click,
      • Color prints: $0.1943 per click

Paper cost is $0.01 per sheet.