Rules Based Printing

Rules Based Printing

Rules-based printing includes guidelines (rules) for printing to reduce printing volume.

BCTC established a Quick Action Committee (QAC) to evaluate common rules-based printing guidelines and to develop printing guidelines for BCTC.

The following printing guidelines have been approved by the QAC:

  • Direct Print versus Secure Print:
    • Employee default: Direct print with option to select secure.
    • Student default: Secure to MFP's, direct to lasers.
    • Open and classroom labs: Open print environment (laser printers).
    • Libraries: Secure print environment (MFPs).
  • Duplex versus Single: Automatic default to duplex (all printers).
  • Black & White versus Color: Automatic default to black & white (all printers).
  • 10 or more pages:
    • Automatically rerouted to secure print at the closest, most efficient MFP for both black & white and color print jobs.

The Committee's full report may be viewed at the following link: Rules-Based Printing.