Types of Aid

Types of Aid

State and federal governments provide a number of options:

  • Grants, scholarships, and waivers that do not have to be repaid
  • Loans, which must be repaid with interest
  • The federal work-study program, which provides part-time employment that can also help you pay for college

What kinds of grants are available?

What types of scholarships can I get?

If you have a strong academic record or special talent, you may qualify for a scholarship. These are typically awarded for achievement or merit. They come from the college, as well as the government, individuals, and private organizations. A few options:

  • Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES). This state program awards scholarship to Kentucky students who earn a 2.5 GPA or higher in high school.
  • KCTCS Presidential Scholarship. The Presidential Scholarship goes to students in each of the Kentucky Community Technical and College System (KCTCS) schools who have outstanding academic performance and unmet financial need. For more information or to apply, contact us.
  • KCTCS John T. Smith Scholarship. This fund supports minority students at KCTCS who maintain a 2.5 GPA and have unmet financial need. For more information or to apply, contact us.
  • KCTCS Commonwealth Scholarship. Kentucky residents who graduate in the upper quartile of their high school graduating class are eligible for this award.
  • State-mandated scholarships, waivers and other help. KCTCS offers automatic scholarships to faculty and staff, the elderly, dependents of deceased Kentucky firefighters and veterans, and other groups. Many other programs are available from a variety of sources.

How do student loans work?

The Federal Direct Loan Program lends money to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students attending on at least a part-time basis. Two types of loans are available:

  1. Subsidized Direct Loan, which is based on financial need. The government will pay a portion of the interest you accumulate on this loan and you repay the balance.
  2. Unsubsidized Direct Loan, which does not require students to demonstrate financial need. Students must repay this loan in its entirety, including interest.

How do I apply?

For grants, loans, and work study:

  • Create an FSA ID. Use your FSA ID to access your personal records and electronically sign federal student aid documents.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). File online or get a paper version from our Office of Financial Aid or your high school counselor.
  • Watch your e-mail/mail for your financial award notification.
  • Contact us if you need more help.

For scholarships:

  • Submit a completed BCTC Scholarship Application for the academic year that you plan to attend.
  • Many students are able to obtain financial assistance from outside sources to assist in paying for college. Visit the BCTC Scholarship Opportunities page to view links to external scholarship opportunities.