First-Time College Students

First-Time Incoming Freshmen

The steps below are for those students who have never attended a college before. If you are enrolled in dual credit classes through the college and would like to enroll as a first-time college student after graduating high school, please contact Opportunity College to complete a specific form that will serve as your application.

Apply for admission to the college

Your first step is to complete an admissions application. You can access the application by visiting the Online Admissions Application portal. Should you require accommodations for completing the application, please contact Disability Support Services at 859-246-6728 or toll free at 866-774-4872, extension 6728. Please note that applying to the college does not mean that you have applied to a selective admission program.

Please note: If you have enrolled in one or more dual credit courses within the last year, please complete the Opportunity College to BCTC Freshman Form 2016-17. This form will serve as your application.

Step 2

Submit Transcripts and (if necessary) Complete Placement Testing

You will need to contact your high school to have your official transcript submitted. You can also login to your Parchment account to request your transcript. All transcripts must have a posted graduation date to be considered official. If you earned a GED, you will need to contact the state or the testing center that administered your test to have your GED transcript sent to the college. If you were home schooled, you will need to submit a notarized transcript, whether it originates from a parent or guardian or an online school.

You also need to submit official test scores (ACT, SAT, COMPASS, Wonderlic, and KYOTE) as well as AP scores, if applicable. Generally, test scores are posted on high school transcripts, otherwise you will need contact the organization that administers the test to have scores submitted. If you do not have test scores, you can elect to take the Wonderlic test through the college (see Step 6). Test scores are not used for admission to the college but are used to determine course placement according to college benchmarks.

Faxed, photocopies, and scanned images of documents will not be accepted. Original documents must be provided to the Office of Admissions.

If you are not requesting your transcript electronically, then original transcripts can be mailed directly to the college or hand delivered. If you will be hand-delivering documents after hours, you may submit using the drop box located on the door to the Admissions Office located in room 119 of the Oswald building at the Cooper campus. The drop box is secure and checked daily for submissions.

Step 3

Apply for financial aid

Once you submit an admissions application, you can apply for financial aid. You do not need to wait for an acceptance letter. There are different types of financial assistance available. Federal aid is available through the FAFSA. This application is available January 1 for the coming academic year beginning in August. Students applying for federal aid should list BCTC using the school code 005244. In addition to federal aid, students can apply for loans and scholarships with the assistance of the financial aid office.

Please review the Financial Aid Checklist to ensure all steps are complete. For additional information on types of aid and deadlines, please visit Financial Aid.

Step 4

Access the SEE Portal

Once you submit an admissions application, it will take approximately two weeks to process your application. Once your application is processed, you will receive an acceptance letter via postal mail. This letter provides instructions on accessing a link to the SEE Portal, an online tool that will guide you through completing your enrollment. This will include completing a placement testing form to determine whether or not you need to test, submitting your transcript and test scores if you have not already done so, registering for orientation, meeting with an academic advisor in order to register for classes, setting up your account, and paying tuition.

Step 5

Setup Account and Pay Tuition

Visit User Account Center to create your user profile, obtain your KCTCS ID and username, and to set your password. This account will give you access to your student self-service (registration, payments, financial aid, grades, etc.), e-mail, and any online courses you enroll in. Please note that you will not have access to your student email account until after you have registered for classes.