Institutional Closing

alert icon BCTC campuses and offices will be closed starting on December 16, 2017. We will reopen on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 with normal operating hours. Have a wonderful holiday and a great new year!

Energy Conservation Initiative

BCTC has made the commitment to save dollars by conserving energy and the environment. BCTC entered into a contract with Energy Systems Group (ESG) to upgrade our lighting and HVAC controls. These sustainable practices will save tuition and state funds by reducing our dependence on natural gas and electricity. During the summer, BCTC installed 343 new T8 light fixtures. Additionally, 3,459 fixtures were upgraded with new electronic low output ballasts. We replaced 10,829 T12 lamps, ranging from 34 to 40 watts, with the new T8 30 watt lamps. BCTC will save $50,271.00 annually in energy costs and these savings will pay for new fixtures, ballasts and lamps. We will make an annual payment to ESG only after the savings are realized. It is important to understand that no operating or program funds have been spent on this project.

The sustainable benefit of energy efficiency in T8 lighting technology is the ability to use less energy (dollars) to produce the same amount of light output, with the same quality and performance. Technological advances in the past decade have improved the energy efficiency of T8 lamps and ballasts by 30%-60%, resulting in lower utility bills and reduced environmental impacts. The T8 lamps with their longer life will require fewer replacements by our maintenance team and reduce the demand for raw materials.

Our new T-8's energy-efficient lamps will save our College approximately $4,189.00 dollars on monthly electric bills. BCTC will be using less energy and that will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, air-borne mercury, and other harmful pollutants. Our lighting project will save 1,081,514 kWh per year! We will also save 432.6 tons in coal, which will save 1,600,641 lbs of nitrogen oxide, 17,304.22 lbs of carbon dioxide, and 7,570.59 lbs. of sulfur dioxide.