Administrative Rights

Administrative Rights

What can I do on my workstation without administrative privileges?

Just about anything you would normally need to do on your workstation, including:

  • Run most programs
  • Change the wallpaper
  • Change the screen saver
  • Change the screen resolution
  • Personalize favorites and adjust your web browser settings
  • Add and remove printers
  • Delete files and empty the recycle bin
  • Update antivirus definitions.
  • Use removable drive storage like flash drives or USB hard drives
  • Rename folders
  • Create folders and files
  • Delete folders and files

Administrative Rights Tutorial Administrator Rights Tutorial (PDF / 148.0 KB)

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide information to members of the Bluegrass Community & Technical College faculty and staff who need administrator access to workstations about the additional risks that are involved, as well as proper procedures to follow if administrator access is approved.

Administrative Polocies BCTC Administrative Policy 4.2.5 (PDF / 96.4 KB)

KCTCS expects all individuals to responsibly use information and the information technology employed to collect, process, store, and disseminate it.

Along with its reputation, students and employees, funds, and facilities, information and information technology are among the most valuable assets of KCTCS.

Computer Administrative Rights Tutorial BCTC Computer Administrator Rights Policies (PDF / 80.0 KB)

Administrator rights are typically reserved for Information Technology Services (ITS) personnel who are responsible for providing administrative services such as system maintenance and user support. However, in unique instances, administrative rights may be issued to faculty and/or staff on either a temporary or ongoing basis to perform tasks within the scope of employment.

Computer Administrative Rights Tutorial BCTC Computer Administrator Rights Application (PDF / 76.0 KB)

This application must be submitted and approved by the appropriate assistant dean or director prior to scheduling the administrator rights exam. If the application is denied the assistant dean or director will respond in writing with a reason for the denial. At their discretion, the assistant dean or director may also request additional justification.

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