Computer Classroom Open Lab Software Request Policy

Computer Classroom/Open Lab Software Request Policy

Responsible Unit: Information Technology Services

All software required for computer classrooms and open labs must be requested via the Software Request Form in ITES, located at Please note that due to copyright laws, ITS must retain a copy of the software media and licensing agreement for each software package utilized at the college. Exceptions will not be considered.

The IT department will not remove the software between the fall and spring semesters or the spring and summer semesters. Any software requested for the fall semester will remain available for the spring and summer semesters unless otherwise noted.

New and/or additional software installations must be requested by the posted deadline.

The software lists will be cleared between the summer II and fall semester.

If an instructor requires more than a standard installation of an application, (e.g. extra clip art, extra data files, etc.) he/she must submit the request through the work order process. The work order should detail the exceptions of the installation.

To ensure software is adequately loaded on the lab devices, ITS established software request deadlines in the spring and fall. The deadlines are to provide adequate time to plan for hardware acquisition and software purchases and to resolve conflicts on the workstations. Any software requests submitted after the published deadlines must be submitted by the ALT member representing the division.

The deadlines for software requests are as follows:

  • Fall semester - April 30th (prior to the fall semester)
  • Spring semester - November 30th (prior to the spring semester)
  • Summer I & Summer II - April 1st (prior to the summer 1 schedule)

The ITS area requires a minimal two week notice for software installations requested after classes have started. Lab testing workshops will be offered by request to help the faculty identify and eliminate potential application conflicts and/or miscellaneous problems before classes begin. Installation media must accompany all software installation requests. A copy of the media must be maintained in the ITS offices should the application need to be reinstalled for any reason.