College Logos

College Logos

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Standard BCTC Logos

BCTC Logo with Imagine More

BCTC Imagine More logo

BCTC Arch and System Bar

BCTC Arch and System Bar

How to use the arch:

  • The Arch should always appear with the System Bar.
  • The Arch and System bar should always anchor to the bottom of the page.
  • The Arch should be incorporated into signage, print ads and printed business materials.
  • Only one logo (college, system office, program) may be used within the arch.

What not to do with the logos:

  • Do not create a shape around the logo and the logotype.
  • Do not use different colors for the logo and the logotype.
  • Do not screen the logo or logotype.
  • Do not place the identifier on a patterned background.
  • Do not change the position of the logo or logotype.
  • Do not change the proportions of the logo and the logotype, relative to each other.

All BCTC logos should be used with the approved colors PMS (pantone matching system) 541 blue and PMS 131 gold. If the logo is used in one color, the color must be black, white (reversed on dark background), or the official blue or gold. Any deviation from this standard must be discussed with the Public Information and Marketing Department and approved prior to use.

Color Chart (HEX and RGB)

Colors Pantone R G B HEX
131 231 166 20 #E7A614
541 0 70 127 #00467F

For information on usage of these official logos please contact:

Jennifer Tyson
Public Information and Marketing Coordinator
(859) 246-6507