Marketing Assistance

Marketing Assistance

To better assist with your projects, all requests for marketing assistance should be submitted through the Marketing Assistance Request System (MARS) located on ITES.

Please complete and upload the form or forms relevant to your request and submit them along with your work order in ITES. Problems or questions? Email us at

*With the adoption of the Imagine More slogan for the recent marketing campaign, we prefer that you no longer use the logo with the tagline Higher Education Begins Here. Logos without a tagline and with the Imagine More tagline are available here, as well as updated document templates.


Business Card Requests

Business card requests should be completed by your division office manager or administrative assistant following these procedures. Please note that business cards are now ordered from the KCTCS Xerox Center, and submitting a requisition is no longer required.

1. Fill out the business card order form. Be sure there is a budget approval signature and budget string.

*Please note that the costs for business cards have changed. The base price does not include shipping. Shipping charges will be added upon delivery. Even with shipping charges, the costs will still be less than with our previous vendor.

2. Submit your completed form via MARS.

3. A proof will be generated and sent to the person who placed the order. This person will need to approve all proofs before they are printed. Since we are switching vendors, there are some minor formatting changes.

4. Once the proof is approved, the business card order will be placed with the KCTCS Xerox Center. All printed orders will be delivered to the Marketing Department and sent out via inter-campus mail.

5. Upon receipt of the invoice from KCTCS, the Marketing Department will submit a journal entry for the appropriate budget string.

Graphic Design Requests

Requests for graphic design projects should be submitted as early as possible to ensure that your project is completed in time. At least one month s notice is preferred as we have a small staff and a constant number of ongoing projects. Depending on the type of project, your request could take up to two months from initial contact to delivery. Please specify a due date for the project if there is a definitive deadline.

Submit your request with as much detail in content and design as possible in MARS. You will be contacted for a design consult by a PIM staff member.

For your convenience, you can review brochure and flyer samples we have created. Keep in mind that branding standards are in place to maintain a level of consistency across college materials.

If your project requires printing, a Print Order Form will also need to be completed and submitted with your request. See "Printing Requests" below for more information.

Media Release Requests

Departments seeking press coverage for events and activities should contact PIM after completing the Media Release Form. PIM will analyze each request and define the strategy the office feels will be most effective in achieving the desired goal. Request for news release request forms must reach the office at least three weeks before the date on which initial media contact or release might be made.

Photography Requests

Requests for photography coverage should be submitted well in advance of your event and are subject to photographer availability. Email requests with date, time and additional event details to

If you are wanting photos taken for use in college materials, please have all individuals appearing in the photos complete and sign a Photo Release Form to be given to the PIM office the day of the shoot.

Printing Requests

Depending on your printing needs, your request could take up to one month to receive after the design is finalized. If your job requires graphic design elements, please refer to the guidelines for Graphic Design Requests. Please plan accordingly and submit all requests as early in advance of your deadline as possible.

To get a quote for a printing order through Xerox, complete the Print Order Form with the appropriate budget string and budget authority signature and upload the form and any other relevant documents with the request in MARS.

After the quote is obtained it will be sent to the requester for approval, along with a document proof as necessary, before printing.

Email with any questions regarding the printing process.

Promotional Item Requests

Promotional items are great tools for increasing awareness and engagement at community events. A wide variety of items are available and supplier timelines vary so two months' notice before an item is needed is preferred. Any less than one months' notice may result in rush fees or limited availability.

Complete the Promotional Items Request Form and upload along with your request in MARS. You will be contacted for a design consult by a PIM staff member.

Note: All promotional item orders will be charged to your department's budget string. PIM may be able to accommodate requests for small quantities of promotional items on a case-by-case basis.

Social Media Requests

Please review the Social Media Policy regarding faculty and staff use and creation of social media channels.

If you have information that you would like to get out via BCTC's official social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Flickr), email and we will schedule your post to go out. Advance notice is always appreciated as it allows us time to schedule multiple posts leading up to your event or deadline. Most information will be posted on both Facebook and Twitter unless specific requests are made for other channels.

Please follow BCTC's official social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Flickr) and help spread the BCTC news by sharing post, and encourage your students, friends, and followers to do the same to help maximize the reach of our social media posts.

Video Requests

Videos are great ways to promote your program or event visually online. Follow the instructions below to submit a video creation request.

1. Fill out the video/film request form (PDF)

2. Submit our completed form via the Marketing Assistance Request System (MARS). Be sure to select "Video/Film" under category.

Someone in Marketing will be in touch.