Media Contact Policy

Public Information and Media Contact Policy

Bluegrass Community and Technical College and the Public Information and Marketing (PIM) office, are responsible and committed to disseminate information about our programs and activities and to be responsive to media inquiries. Press coverage is one way the college can receive positive visibility.

The public information and media contact policy defines the process for the release of official information. The policy also defines how information about the college is announced to the public, the role of the Public Information and Marketing office and the college s employee s responsibilities in the release of official information. All entities of the college are expected to follow this policy.

This policy is in no way intended to affect the responsibility of faculty members for their scholarly publications and personal involvement in community activities, affect individual employees rights to express personal views about the college or non-college issues as long as the employee clearly states that they do so as individuals and do not represent the official position of the college.

  • PIM is the only office through which official college announcements, activities and statements may be communicated to the general public. This includes:
    • Proactively obtaining coverage in the news media through new releases and other means.
    • Releasing information about emergencies, weather, crimes, official positions on issues involving the college and other events to which the press has reasonable claim.
    • Linking faculty or staff with reporters seeking their expertise.
    • Advertising
    • Brand Identity
    • Displays
    • Graphic Design
    • Internal Communication
    • Marketing
    • Photography
    • Press Events, Special Events
    • Promotions, Promotional Items
    • Public Relations, News Releases
    • Social Media
    • Signage
    • Website graphics, content (homepage)
  • All media contacts for official college information or expertise must be directed to PIM. PIM will coordinate the college response with appropriate administrators or employees.
  • Media requests for public records under the Kentucky Open Records Act should be directed to PIM. Request will be forwarded to the appropriate officials.
  • Departments seeking press coverage for events and activities will contact PIM, by completing the Media Release Form (see Marketing Assistance) and uploading the form along with your work order in MARS. PIM will analyze each request and define the strategy the office feels will be most effective in achieving the desired goal. Requests for media coverage must reach the office at least three weeks before the date on which initial media contact or release might be made.
  • PIM representatives will be available at all times to consult with administrators, faculty and staff about the most effective ways to work with the press

Questions regarding this policy?

Contact Public Information and Marketing Coordinator Jennifer Tyson: (859) 246-6507 with questions regarding this policy.

News Releases/ Media Advisories/ Media Inquiries

News Releases

You play a very important role in marketing the college. A good news release attracts the attention of the media as something they feel their audience would be interested in. It also generates publicity for the College. Sometimes your idea or our idea of an interesting story will draw no interest from the media. With that said, we will continue to promote newsworthy events that are timely and have local implications.

PIM needs you to provide the answers to some basic questions by completing the Media Release Form.

Media Advisories

These are similar to new releases in that similar information is needed, but timing is essential. The alert is meant to cause an assignment editor to send a reporter or photographer to an event that is scheduled in advance to take place. Six weeks advance notice, if possible, is the time frame for our office to properly cultivate interest for media coverage. Even then, coverage depends on topical interest compared to other newsworthy events of the day.

Responding to Media Inquiries

Your response to a media inquiry should be determined by the information being sought. The Public Information and Marketing office requests the media to use our office as point of contact for all college-related inquiries. We ask that you refer all members of the media to this office if they should bypass this request.

Other PR Policies & Procedures

Stationery and business cards are the college s most visible and frequently used forms of printed communication. These often provide external audiences with their first impression of BCTC. It is critical that consistent graphic standards and ordering procedures are followed to reinforce the college s brand identity.

BCTC stationery and business cards must be produced from the approved templates.

  • Business cards are printed and ordered by the office of Public Information and Marketing. Please follow the business card policy and procedure to order business cards.
  • To obtain stationery, contact Barbara Chenault, Cooper Campus or Kim Dennis, Leestown Campus. For specialty stationary orders, submit a Printing Order Form via MARS.