Official Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Social Media at BCTC

Social media is an immediate way to get your message out to an audience that is interested in what you have to say. The variety of social media is growing, as are the ways in which it is used and the types of insights that can be gained from your followers.

The following guidelines have been created by Bluegrass Community & Technical College s Public Information and Marketing (PIM) department in order to allow those wanting to get their message out insight on how PIM uses social media to promote the college. We will also assist creating and maintaining a social media channel linked to the college to make sure they are following best practices for growing and maintaining their audience and presence. Please review the official KCTCS Social Media Policy for more information about social media usage and guidelines.

When appropriate, PIM posts will guide readers to the appropriate place on the BCTC website. It is important to keep web pages on our site up-to-date with relevant, timely information so those pages can be shared with an audience outside the college as needed.

PIM is the administrator of the official BCTC Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr pages. Those who wish to share a message or make suggestions for these pages should email

Here is a list of official BCTC social media channels and related BCTC program pages:

Official BCTC social media channels

Program Pages

BCTC s Official Presence on Facebook

The official college Facebook page can be found at The Facebook page is a venue for sharing information relevant to current students and things about BCTC that would be of interest to both students, faculty and staff at BCTC and to those out in the community.

PIM will be responsible for monitoring official Facebook page activity and make our best attempt to answer posted student questions in a timely fashion. This often means seeking answers from other departments inside the college to get the student the correct information. Please coordinate with PIM before responding to student Facebook posts on the official BCTC page. Oftentimes we are already working on a response. We will also keep track of any inappropriate activity and report it as needed.

For more on establishing your BCTC Facebook presence, see Steps to establish a BCTC social media channel below.

BCTC s Official Presence on Twitter

The official college Twitter page can be found at The Twitter page is a place for short timely messages with the ability to connect and share our students as well as with others in our community. The Twitter community is active and growing and a great place to form connections and get information shared quickly.

PIM will monitor student Twitter activity, respond to questions and try to help where needed to address student problems. If you see concerning or suspicious activity, please report it to and we will go through the proper channels to address the issue.

For more on establishing your BCTC Twitter presence, see Steps to establish a BCTC social media channel below.

Steps to establish a BCTC social media channel

All employees who wish to publish and administer a BCTC social media page (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog) must complete a Social Media Site Request form. The purpose of the form is to establish an administrator for the page, and gain insight into the purpose and content of the page. The administrative account will need to be set up so that anyone in the department can access it. This will allow the channel to remain available if transitions occur. The form will stay on file with PIM and we will check in every few months to see how your channel is working and if your goals have changed or evolved over time.

The signature of the employee's direct supervisor is needed on the form. Becoming an administrator of an official BCTC social media site constitutes your agreement with the BCTC Social Media Policy. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in a recommendation to your supervisor to eliminate the social media page.

Establishing a BCTC Facebook page

We appreciate that some programs may want to set up pages relevant to their specific department. Prior to creating a page, contact us and fill out the Social Media Site Request form so we can offer assistance and guidance with the best ways to make your page successful. If we know about your BCTC page, we know where to direct people looking for you and have the ability to share messages from your page with the greater BCTC audience.

A page that is not maintained regularly detracts from your message and doesn't make the best use of the audience you have cultivated. Instead, you can work with PIM to use existing social media channels to tell your story without being responsible for the creation and maintenance of a separate page. Some messages that are department specific may be best distributed in other ways whether that is via a Facebook group, a Twitter account, a post on the official BCTC Facebook page, or advertising the message on the BCTC homepage or other website page.

Establishing a BCTC Twitter page

Departments or employees may set up their own Twitter to represent their department or communicate with students. We ask that you fill out the Social Media Site Request form so we can offer you insights into how best to use your channel and gain insight into what the goals of your account will be. You will be responsible for your content, regularly maintaining your page, and monitoring activity associated with your page. Our awareness of the page allows us to direct interested parties to your site and share messages from your page to help grow an audience if that is in line with your goals.

The Twitter account must contain a disclaimer stating the purpose of the account (such as communicating with students from class) and that the account does not represent the official views of the college.

Best Practices for Social Media

Content should be timely and relevant. New content should be posted at least once a week, if not more often, to maintain a connection to your audience. Clear, concise messages in a conversational tone are the best way to connect with your audience and encourage interaction.

The primary purpose of establishing any social media channel connected to BCTC is to promote the college. Posts should not promote connections to outside interests or BCTC competitors. Administrators should take care to monitor questions and follow up where appropriate. Social media is a tool for two-way communication, not just for distributing information.

Ensure that you have appropriate release forms for any photos or video content of individuals. A photo release form allowing us permission to use the person s name and image can be found here: Photo Release Form

Any inappropriate content should be reported to PIM immediately so it can be dealt with accordingly. Questionable posts should not be immediately deleted as that may add fuel to the fire and open discussion is encouraged within limits. Instead, please contact us so we can assist you in handling it. Existing policies governing student and employee behavior apply to the college s social media pages.