Proctor Information

Proctor Information

The Mathematics and Statistics Division at Bluegrass Community and Technical College requires that students take proctored midterm or final exams. A proctor is a person, approved by the course instructor, who verifies the identification of students and serves as a monitor while the student takes the exam.

Proctored Exam Information

Proctored exam information can be found at the BCTC Proctored Exams website using the link below.

Schedule Proctored Exam

Students taking proctored exams must schedule appointments with proctors to take the exams on the dates specified by the instructor. The Schedule Proctored Exam link below provides information and links that can be used to schedule appointments at BCTC and other KCTCS colleges. A confirmation email should be sent to the student verifying the appointment date, time, and location. After the appointment is made, the student should notify the instructor of the appointment.

Proctored Exam Requirements

  • Verify and bring any materials or supplies that may be permitted by your instructor for use on the exam
  • Print and bring any instructor-approved documents to the exam (they will not be supplied at the exam)
  • Bring photo identification, such as a driver's license or student ID
  • Cell phone use is not permitted while taking the proctored exam
  • Children are not permitted at the proctored exam location
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the testing area
  • If technical issues arise, please notify the proctor immediately