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We are #inclusion

Multiculturalism and Inclusion


To promote leadership towards the improvement and sustainability of a diverse and inclusive community of learners valuing the contributions of a multicultural environment while providing guidance and assistance to the President and college leadership on programs, classes, policies and practices promoting excellence, equity, and effective teaching and learning in the Bluegrass district.

Vice President for Office of Multiculturalism and Inclusion serves as a catalyst to:

  • Recruit, retain, graduate and/or transfer multicultural students
  • Provide ongoing diversity and cultural enrichment for faculty, administrators, staff and students
  • Assist multicultural students in their day-to-day access and ongoing concerns of inclusion within the community college setting
  • Develop continuous outreach efforts to serve underrepresented populations
  • Promote cultural exchange in the college setting

"A college is just a community, a place where sacredness of the person is honored and where diversity is aggressively pursued." - The Carnegie Foundation

Vice President

Charlene Walker
470 Cooper Drive, 206E Oswald Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0235
(859) 246-6438 or x66438
Fax: (859) 246-4676

Senior Administrative Assistant

Elena Rodriguez
(859) 246-6307 or x66307