BCTC Cooper Campus Closed Due to Power Outage

alert icon BCTC Cooper Campus is closed for the remainder of today, Thursday, 9/21. More information as it become available.

Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)

We provide individualized help with:

  • Academic advice
  • Career counseling and workshops
  • Applying for college admission and testing
  • Financial Aid and financial literacy
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring

We do not charge fees for assisting our students!

Who is eligible?

  • Adults with low incomes (150% of the Poverty Level)
  • Adults who are first generation post-secondary students.
  • ESL students
  • Immigrants
  • Military Veterans
  • GED students
  • Foster Children
  • Individuals with disabilities

(Social Security # required)

How do you get started...?

Contact our office for an application to see if you qualify. If you do, we will start individualized sessions to help you start/continue post-secondary education.

Contact Us

(859) 246-6528

Kirk Fraser
(859) 246-6762

Stephen Hicks
Educational Counselor
(859) 246-6558

Yamukumba Mbayo
Educational Counselor
(859) 270-7317