Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Anyone who has had the experience of studying abroad, or has supervised someone who has, knows that it is often a pivotal event in a student s college experience. Students return from education abroad to their campuses with a predictable range of almost universally positive responses to the experience.

Globalization has impacted the majority of the world s modern workforce. International educational experiences help prepare global-ready graduates for the twenty-first century workforce. Education abroad is fast becoming a desirable part of the college experience for U.S. students. Undoubtedly, short-term education abroad programs can open up a student s eyes to the world in a new way. For many, this can be not only an enriching experience, but also a life-changing one in that they see themselves differently as a member of a global community.

Bluegrass Community and Technical College has memberships in two study abroad organizations. Any Bluegrass student may apply to any of the many study abroad these organizations offer. The organizations are College Consortium or International Studies (CCIS) and Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA).

CCIS is a partnership of colleges and universities two and four-year colleges, large and small, public and private, domestic and foreign encompasses the broad spectrum of international higher education. CCIS is a non-profit, membership organization of more than 135 public and private accredited colleges and universities in the United States. BCTC students gain immediate access to over 80 study abroad programs in 32 countries diversified by subject matter, location, duration and cost. Study abroad programs are offered all over the world in many languages and for semester or summer. See the website at .

KIIS is a consortium of colleges and universities dedicated to providing quality international education. KIIS seeks to develop new opportunities for international experiences which meets the needs of students, faculty, academic institutions, always taking into consideration the changing times and shifting demands of a global society. KIIS is founded on the conviction that an international experience should be apart of the education of as many people as possible. See the website