Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences


The primary mission of the Division of Natural Sciences is to enhance students' scientific literacy and intellectual capacity so that they may compete effectively in their chosen field. Students and faculty are engaged with one another as active participants in this education process through courses designed to advance students' communication, critical thinking, computer, and analytical skills. With continually upgraded facilities and a supportive faculty, students will be best prepared to grow professionally and to intelligently address the scientific issues that will have an impact on the Commonwealth in this new millennium.

To advance this mission and to address the needs of an ever-changing and diverse student population, the Natural Sciences Faculty will continue to:

  • develop up-to-date curricula, including effective use of innovative instructional technology, laboratory techniques, and instrumentation;
  • show all students the importance and relevance of science and scientific thinking in all aspects of life;
  • plan and coordinate education experiences which promote environmental, societal, and safety awareness;
  • prepare science students for future course work and endeavors, for technical programs, associate degrees, and transfer objectives;
  • maintain strong ties with regional institutions, governments and civic organizations to ensure maximum support for students and to meet the needs of the community, including full support for Community Education and Community Service programs;
  • and support professional opportunities for its faculty.

Assistant Dean

Tammy Liles
234 K Oswald Bldg.
Cooper Campus
(859) 246-6449

Division Office Manager

Phyllis Cunningham
234 Oswald Bldg.
Cooper Campus
(859) 246-6445

Areas of Study