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BIO 139 Virtual Lab

Welcome to the Virtual Lab for Human Anatomy & Physiology II

The laboratory portion of BIO 139 is designed as a "hands on" experience that corresponds to the lecture portion of the course. Anatomical model, computer programs, charts, slides of microscopic tissue sections, physiological experiments and preserved specimens for dissection will be used to reemphasize principles and structures discussed in lecture.

Course Personnel

Dr. Shirley Whitescarver - BIO139 Coordinators
Cooper Campus, Oswald Bldg. 325C
(859) 246-6465

Dr. Molly Frisbie - BIO139 Coordinators
Cooper Campus, Oswald Bldg. 306A
(859) 246-6469

Dr. Yasemin Congleton - Biology Coordinator
Cooper Campus, Oswald Bldg. 234J
(859) 246-6487

Tammy Liles - Natural Sciences Assistant Dean
Cooper Campus, Oswald Bldg. 234K
(859) 246-6449

Phyllis Mulcahy - Division Office Manager
Cooper Campus, Oswald Bldg. 234
(859) 246-6445

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Assignment Sheet

Laboratory Manual and Virtual Lab