BCTC kicks off 2010 C.A.R.N.E.G.I.E. H.A.L.L. program

Photo of Camp 2010 Small LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 23, 2010) Bluegrass Community and Technical College and West Virginia University welcomed a new class of 30 high school students in the C.A.R.N.E.G.I.E. H.A.L.L. program, an academic STEM mentoring program held throughout the school year.

The program kicked off last week with an Intense Academic Summer immersion Camp at the WVU campus. The students, who were juniors and seniors from Kentucky and West Virginia, participated in teambuilding and leadership activities while being exposed to classes and hands-on experiments in forensics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, communications, and math taught by BCTC and WVU faculty and staff.

It is a given that students who complete academic immersion during a summer and/or after school program dramatically improve their grades and standardized test scores, said BCTC Vice President of Multiculturalism and Inclusion Charlene Walker. This first week was just the beginning of a process to create a cadre of students with the right stuff to move this state forward.

This is the first year that BCTC C.A.R.N.E.G.I.E H.A.L.L. partnered with WVU. The camp will be held in Kentucky next year.

The students will meet bi-monthly beginning the second Saturday in September for additional mentoring and academic classes on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The C.A.R.N.E.G.I.E. H.A.L.L. program is an acronym for Challenging America, Reengineering National Education Gains Including fresh Epistemologies amp; Holistic Approaches to Learning and Leadership. For more information about the program, visit http://legacy.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/multiculturalism_and_inclusion/carnegie_hall_lsamp .