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BCTC Political Science Students Poll Local Voters

Bluegrass Community & Technical College (BCTC) political science students polled 178 voters in Central Kentucky in advance of tomorrow's election as part of a class project and found some interesting results.

Professor Hossein Motamedi's American Government class continued a 25-year tradition at BCTC of polling the community in search of a prediction for tomorrow's election. In the past, Motamedi's class project has been a good indicator of national and gubernatorial races.

The individuals polled came from a frequent voters list and represent all of Central Kentucky. Of those polled, 93 were registered Democrats, 74 were registered Republicans and 11 identified as "other."

The poll asked respondents questions about the performance of the Fayette County Sherriff Witt, Governor Bevin, and President Trump and the level of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans on a national level. They we also asked which of the candidates they would choose for Lexington mayor and the sixth district House of Representatives seat.

Evaluations of the work done by currently elected officials was mixed bag. Sherriff Witt received an overwhelming 71.57 percent approval rating of "Outstanding" or "Good." Governor Bevin's rating was split with 50.84 percent stating his performance was "Below Average" or "Bad," and 47.46 percent stating it was "Outstanding" or "Good." President Trump's rating was 59.88 percent "Outstanding" or "Good," and 39.98 percent rated him "Below Average" or "Bad." The majority of those polled felt the United States Congress was not working well, with 51.41 percent indicating there is "No cooperation at all" between Democrats and Republicans.

When it comes to those who hope to win elections tomorrow, the races are somewhat close and may be decided by those who identified as "undecided." In Lexington's mayor's race, 46 percent indicated a vote for Ronnie Bastin, 38 percent for Linda Gorton, and 16 percent are undecided. For the sixth district seat, 51.98 percent indicated a vote for incumbent, Andy Barr, 1.13 percent for Frank Harris, 37.85 percent for Amy McGrath, 0.56 percent for Rikka Wallin, and 8.47 percent are undecided.

Regardless of how the elections turn out tomorrow, this was a valuable learning experience for BCTC students.

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